PDM Server Components

Install SOLIDWORKS PDM Server Components without using the Installation Manager

Install SOLIDWORKS PDM Server Components

Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2016, the SOLIDWORKS PDM file set was incorporated into the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. This makes for a convenient one stop location to install all SOLIDWORKS products. Unfortunately, this also makes for a large installation file-set, that can be cumbersome to move around. There are good reason for using the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager though. Outside of installing the selected products, the Installation Manger will also install any required prerequisites. When installing SOLIDWORKS or any of the products intended for the end user, I would recommend using the Installation Manager. For Server Products, though, using that products installer may be more efficient. For example, the PDM Server Installation is approximately 500 MB, which is far smaller then full SOLIDWORKS Installation, which is around 14 GB. This makes the PDM Server Installation, much more portable. This also, makes downloading the PDM Server Installation, much faster. If you have already downloaded the full SOLIDWORKS Installation, you will find the PDM Server Installation…


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