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Replace Face

SolidWorks Tutorial: Direct Modeling [VIDEO]

Some people will be shocked by the title of this article. How can you say that SolidWorks can do direct modeling when every operation you perform on the model is documented in the feature tree? Let me start by saying that if the definition of direct modeling includes loosing track of the operations you perform on the affected geometry, then SolidWorks does not have direct modeling capabilities. But if you need to modify existing solid bodies, regardless of how they were created, then I can tell you that SolidWorks has the capabilities that you are looking for! This video present a very good example on how you can perform a complex change affecting a local area of an imported body using SolidWorks. The update is…


Tips & Tricks for Consumer Product Design | Replace Face

In this tech tip video, I explain how to use the replace face command to add a bit of “crowning” to flat surface to increase its visual appeal and also make it easier to mold.


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