Tech Tips and Resources for the SOLIDWORKS 2018 release

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Overview

Watch a recording of our launch broadcast which includes demonstrations of the performance improvements, quality enhancements and new capabilities:


The production version of SOLIDWORKS 2018 is now available for Subscription Customers from the Customer Portal.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Tech Tips


Undo in the Data Card Editor is new for SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018

For all of you who create or edit SOLIDWORKS PDM Data Cards, this may be one of your favorite enhancements, in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018. Yes, you can now UNDO any...
Turn On/Off Automatic Solve Mode

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Automatic Solve and Undo for Sketches

Using Automatic Solve specifies whether SOLIDWORKS should automatically do the computation to solve the sketch geometry of your part as you create it. When you are in the process of changing many...
Plot Callouts: Show Plot Maximum / Minimum

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2018 Plot Callouts

Now in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2018 we can show the minimum and maximum values in callouts for cut and surface plots. Plot Callouts: Show Plot Maximum / Minimum...
SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 Pin Connector

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 Improved Pin Connector

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 pin connector has been enhanced. Now you can define a pin connector through more than two cylindrical surfaces in one definition. An improved user interface allows the definition...
SOLIDWORKS Table with All Uppercase Characters

SOLIDWORKS 2018 All Uppercase Characters in Tables

SOLIDWORKS 2018 all uppercase characters is a new option that can be applied to tables.  All table types have this option.  Previously you could only set Note annotations to be 'All Uppercase'....
merge history

Merging Branched Files in SOLIDWORKS PDM

In my previous article, we looked at Creating Branches from a Source file, so that we could test different concepts, on these Branches. In this article, we will look at...
Associated Branches

How to Branch SOLIDWORKS PDM Files for design conceptualization

This is a continuation of our SOLIDWORKS PDM Branching and Merging series. In this article, we will look at the steps to Branch SOLIDWORKS files. Branching creates copies of a...
rclick Merge

SOLIDWORKS PDM Design Branching & Merging Overview

SOLIDWORKS PDM Branching and Merging, aids in the design process, by allowing the designer to Branch concepts from source file, and combine the successful concepts with the source file. Branching...
SOLIDWORKS 2018 Import and Export Hole Wizard Data

Import and Export SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard Data with Excel

You can now import and export Hole Wizard data with Excel files in the Configuration tool with SOLIDWORKS 2018.  Previously this could only be done with SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Hardware.  This...