Is your Antivirus application affecting your your SOLIDWORKS installation?

Windows Services

This post is regarding one of those topics that I repeat daily when speaking with our customers: temporarily disabling any Windows and SOLIDWORKS Antivirus or Anti-spyware applications that may be protecting your system. Before any corporate IT personnel read this and start feeling faint, allow me to clarify…we are speaking of temporarily shutting down the Antivirus applications in terms of your installation of SOLIDWORKS.  More specifically the need to disable the Antivirus or Anti-spyware  if there are modifications or changes to the setup that involve the SOLIDWORKS installation utility. Having said that, among the first comments I will likely see in regard to this post are something along the lines of “Um, Chris, there is a list of Antivirus software that is supposed to be compatible with SOLIDWORKS”. To that statement, I say YES! Indeed there is. However we often see the most stability from an installation of SOLIDWORKS that…


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