Using SOLIDWORKS Direct Modeling to modify an imported model without feature history [VIDEO]

Direct Modeling

How can you modify a model without history? Use the SOLIDWORKS direct modeling tools to reverse engineer an existing model. When you need to create tooling or fixtures for your customer parts, it is often necessary to remove all the details that will not be produced by your tooling, or features which are simply not required for modeling your fixture. This process becomes more complicated when the model you receive from your customer has been created with different CAD software. That means you will import only the geometry of the part, without the feature history that created it. Reverse engineer/model an imported part Trying to reverse engineer the part in order to discover how the model has been created is detective work. Less experienced SOLIDWORKS users will try to guess how the part looked early in the modeling process by adding or removing material, using features such as the Extrude-Boss or Extrude-Cut. This can be a very tedious process, with a…


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