Go Green with Javelin

An environmentally friendly supplier of SOLIDWORKS Software & Services

At Javelin we are constantly finding ways of reducing the carbon footprint for our business and for our customers. Utilizing travel-reducing web technology to deliver training and consulting services helps us to minimize the environmental impact of human activity and be more environmentally responsible.

We believe that energy efficiency can be a positive way to reduce costs and drive profitability, allowing us to help our customers be successful and highly competitive. Here are just a few of the initiatives that help customers Go Green with Javelin:


Green Products

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability is an add-on product for SOLIDWORKS MCAD software that helps designers to better understand the ecological impact of their work and make more environmentally friendly design choices. The program is built around core capabilities that are as easy to use as they are comprehensive. Learn More »


Green Training

SOLIDWORKS Live Web Training is the combination of video, audio, and a live instructor giving customers the ability to interact with an expert which can not be achieved with recorded videos or paper based manuals. Our Live Web Training is a convenient method of learning SOLIDWORKS and provides the added ability to collaborate in real-time with a Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructor.

How does it provide a low environmental impact?

  • No travel is required to attend the training
  • No paper based manuals are printed
  • Training is kept to a couple of hours a day

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Green Services

Javelin Consulting Services can also be provided over the web. Customers are able to interact and collaborate with a Javelin consultant using network streaming software for video and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) for audio; customers are even provided a USB headset as part of the service! We are able to work on your machines remotely, just as if we were right there at your company premises.

How does it provide a low environmental impact?

  • No travel is required to deliver consulting services
  • No paper based material is printed
  • Using only web services reduces cost for customers

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