Canadian Tech Company Talks Green Product Design and Emission Reduction This Earth Day

OAKVILLE, ON--(April 21, 2016) - Investment in eco-friendly options now represents more than good corporate citizenship -- it has become a business imperative.

The 3D design and 3D printing specialists at Canada's Javelin Technologies are experiencing this movement first hand, both inside their organization and in their customers' operations.

"We're working at the beginning of the life cycle of a product," says John Carlan, Managing Director for Javelin. "Engineers and product designers have early influence on what things are made of and how they are made. Today's manufacturers and consumers want to know about the materials used, the amount of waste produced, and what is and isn't recyclable. They are demanding. And they should be."


Software assesses environmental impact

Javelin Technologies is the Canadian source for the full line of SOLIDWORKS® CAD (computer-aided design) software. Its entire team of application engineers is now certified in SOLIDWORKS Sustainability, which has built-in intelligence to help designers make informed decisions about what materials to use. The software displays how material sourcing, manufacturing, use, and disposal will affect the product's life cycle -- well before manufacturing begins. 



Teknion Corporation, with its head office in Toronto, is a Javelin customer known for designing and manufacturing office furniture systems. Teknion uses SOLIDWORKS Sustainability so its designers can estimate the carbon burden, energy consumption, air emissions, and liquid discharges associated with a specific design.

Claudio Perfetti is Product Engineering Manager at Teknion. He says Teknion can give customers apples-to-apples comparisons regarding material choices, so they can consider environmental impact factors when selecting materials for furniture components.

"Sustainable design is about using environmental assessment information to make choices and evaluate trade-offs," Perfetti says. "SOLIDWORKS Sustainability provides greater insights into a design early in the process. It's insight that not only allows us to avoid costly redesign work, but also helps us win business and maintain competitive advantage."


In line with federal investment priorities

Carlan says "green and clean" technology and related initiatives have become part of our everyday and that it will stay that way.

"It's true for Javelin and for the customers we support," he says. "Environmental responsibility is everyone's business."

The government agrees. Canada's 2016 federal budget includes funding for a Low Carbon Economy Fund, as well as a combination of investments and tax incentives to encourage clean energy innovation in Canada. More than $1 billion over four years is allocated to clean technology and clean energy research and development projects, as well as alternative energy infrastructure.

Federal investment in green infrastructure includes $2 billion allocated for improvements in water treatment and distribution. Several of Javelin's customers are using 3D design andsimulation tools and 3D printing to lead the way in clean water and its efficient use. They are industry leaders in treating and safeguarding water in the most challenging environments in Canada and around the world, from mines to power plants to remote regions.

"We're travelling this road with our customers," Carlan says. "We can all show our leadership in different ways, whether it's using low-emitting materials in furniture design, or helping massive manufacturers manage their water use, or encouraging employees to carpool."


Internal efforts to reduce emissions

In 2015, Javelin conducted its second internal carbon footprint survey and set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions month by month and achieve CO2-neutral status (net zero carbon footprint) by the end of 2016. Reducing air travel and single-driver commuting were identified as priority tactics, along with reducing energy use in its offices and improving waste and recycling handling. At its Oakville location, in the Region of Halton, Javelin is participating in Smart Commute Halton. Sponsored by the regional transit agency Metrolinx, the program encourages employees to carpool, along with incentives. Javelin has also developed new policy and practices to decrease the impact of air travel by employees nationwide.

To help reduce the number of customers traveling by car to attend training course Javelin also offers Online Live Training (JOLT) -- a combination of video and audio with a live instructor. "It's like taking a classroom course, but no travel is required and nothing is printed," Carlan says.

Focused on training and ongoing support, Javelin is a reseller for SOLIDWORKS® software and a full range of Stratasys 3D printers that can produce finely detailed, true-to-life models and parts. Javelin is online at and on Twitter as @javelintech.


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