A Structural Steel Framework Design SOLIDWORKS Add-in Product

BuiltWorks is an integrated structural engineering solution for steel framework design in the SOLIDWORKS environment. The product includes 3D modeling, analysis, connection detailing, generation of drawings, and reports. BuiltWorks is integrated with SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation, plus leading third-party structural design and analysis systems.


BuiltWorks Benefits

  • BuiltWorks uses embedded SOLIDWORKS add-in modeling tools that facilitate the creation of 3D parametric structural designs using SOLIDWORKS Weldment and BuiltWorks Structural members. BuiltWorks is available in both the Part and Assembly environment.
  • BuiltWorks has flexible tools for the modeling of member connections including a rule definition engine for setting relations, aligning, cutting, placing connection plates, and fasteners. BuiltWorks contains standard connections libraries, easily expanded by new customized solutions.
  • BuiltWorks ensures the direct and seamless bi-directional integration between the SOLIDWORKS graphics environment and SOLIDWORKS Simulation for the FE analysis of steel structure in addition to leading third party Structural analysis and design application like STAAD.Pro and others.
  • BuiltWorks as a software product was developed to meet the AEC, Structural and Plant industries requirements for high performance flexible and versatile tools that include extended integration capabilities to leading CAD/CAE, and CAM Software.
  • BuiltWorks allows user to control the automatic generation of design stage general arrangement drawings, detailed fabrication drawings of steel assemblies’, as well as component workshop drawings and BOM's adhering to building rules and standards.


BuiltWorks Features

  • Axis based Grid System. Floor elevation system. Section and material database. Advanced database of Standard Steel Sections by international standards. Material database for structural st ell linked to sections.
  • Advanced possibilities to create and place BuiltWorks Structural Members both in Part and Assembly as single ones, in group, in array by nodes, and by selected sketch segments. Members editing individually and by group – siting, rotating, mirroring, offsetting.
  • Special features include connection detailing, members aligning, cutting by intersection or user defined shape reflecting priorities. Fast placing of connection plates. Standard and User defined Connections database. Solution for connections copying within the model and from other models.
  • Export/Import of SOLIDWORKS model to/from third party Structural Analysis and Design Software like STAAD.Pro. Import of design results with parametric model update reflecting results of the analysis and design by Building Code requirements. Export/Import of SDNF.
  • Generation of standard drawings: general arrangement, detailed fabrication and workshop drawings of steel assemblies. Generation of Axis Grid representation object. Automatic dimensioning between grid axis, and between general grid lines.




BuiltWorks Structural Steel Example

Parametric, physical 3D model of Structural framework within the SOLIDWORKS environment

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BuiltWorks Structural Steel Database

BuiltWorks includes a comprehensive structural steel section database

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Partner Product
This product is a certified SolidWorks compatible product, which has passed the Solution Partner Criteria.