Progressive, Fineblank and Transfer Die Design Solution for SOLIDWORKS

Logopress introduces you to the best solution for designing progressive dies, fineblank dies, and transfer dies. Have a look at some of the key features:

Logopress3 means considerable time savings. Logopress3 is easy to use and easy to learn. It is fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS® and uses its entire power. It has been designed and studied in SOLIDWORKS for your needs.


Tool and Die Functions

Tool and Die FunctionsLogopress3™ also includes powerful features to "Mount" (cut all openings in all plates) the cutting, bending and forming punches. Punch Mounting would be a huge amount of work without this dedicated feature since so many die components are involved which each needing different clearances. Logopress3™ easily manages this with only a few mouse clicks and dialog box settings. After you define the first one, Logopress3™ stores your preferences in order to save even more time for the next mounting.

Key features:

  • Cutting punches
  • Automatic plate recognition
  • Bending punches
  • Coining management
  • Forming punches
  • Cut all openings in all plates
  • Clearance management
  • Relief type management (Tapered or Stepped relief)
  • Store user defined preferences


Strip Layout Functions 

Strip Layout Functions The strip layout module can be used for both progressive dies and transfer dies. It allows quickly modeling the true solid 3D strip in a very easy and logical way, resulting from our almost 20 years experience shared with passionate die designers.

The Logopress3™ strip module can be started from a blank and a folding/stamping process that was first defined using the Logopress3™ Unbending and Flattening tools or from dumb imported data provided by your customers or partners.

Any kind of parts, even those with non-constant thickness, are able to be managed. It also allows managing multiple parts in one strip, whether they be identical, mirrored or completely different parts in the same strip.

The Logopress3™ strip package is included inside the full die design package but can also be independently purchased if you don't need to design complete dies. In that case it also includes the flattening package and it's the perfect solution for your quotation needs.

Key features :

  • Multiple part management
  • Nesting optimization
  • Excel spreadsheet including useful data for quoting
  • Drag and drop actions
  • Insert/delete stations
  • Material usage info
  • Force info
  • Global center of force computation
  • Local center of force computation
  • Spring back management
  • Associativity with the Unbending/Flattening process
  • OpenGL preview
  • Automatic creation of internal punches
  • Powerful assistant tool to define punches in the skeleton
  • Punch patterning


Dynamic Interference Detection and Animation

Dynamic Interference Detection and AnimationIn addition to all of these tools & features designed to increase your productivity, Logopress3™ also includes an Intelligent Animation command, which provides far more than just an interesting but non-functional animation. it automatically does interference and collision detection throughout the die while showing the entire die operating as if it were in the press, including the strip lifting and advancing with each press stroke. This assures that mistakes are caught at the design stage and not at the much more expensive and time consuming build stage of the die.

Key features:

  • No time consuming setup required. Just press the icon and set your press stroke, stripper travel and strip lift
  • Detects collision during strip advance through the die
  • Highly visual and accurate representation of the die running in the press
  • Finds clearance issues before the die goes in the press.



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Gold Product
This product is a SolidWorks Certified Gold product which provides a fully integrated, single-window associativity with the latest version of SolidWorks software.