2005 Contest Winners

Javelin/SOLIDWORKS "Cool" Design Awards

Javelin Technologies presents the winners of the 2005 "Cool" Design Contest. Entries were submitted from a variety of commercial and educational customers. The entries were judged based on:

  • Product Functionality
  • Degree of Difficulty of Design Task
  • "Coolness" of the Design Contest Entry



Grand Prize Winner

Entry: Forwarder

Company: Tigercat Industries Inc., Paris, ON.

Description: A forwarder is used in a mechanized forestry operation to transport logs scattered around the forest floor to the roadside for future transport to the mill

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation

nXZEN Wireless Headset


Entry: nXZEN Wireless Headset

Company: Gibson Product Design Inc., Ottawa, ON.

Description: The nXZEN headset provides a wireless connection to a cellular phone or other Bluetooth enabled device. This product is quickly becoming a leader in the headset market, offering superior noise canceling. It provides features such as voice dialing, call-waiting, last number redial, and an option to listen to stereo MP3 audio.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, PhotoWorks

Glass Half Empty

Educational Winner

Entry: Glass Half Empty

Institution: Ryerson University, Toronto, ON.

Description: An example of the capabilities of PhotoWorks rendering add-in for SOLIDWORKS. Created by David Naylor, Ph.D., P.Eng., Professor, Dept. of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS Educational Edition

Checking Fixture

Honorable Mention - Tooling

Entry: Checking Fixture

Company: InspectionAir Gauge Ltd., Windsor, ON.

Description: This design is for a checking fixture we built for a Canadian part manufacturer. They use this tool to perform checks and control their parts and processes. In industry, it is very valuable to be able to troubleshoot and maintain required part specifications for fit & function.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS


Honorable Mention - Rendering

Entry: Straightener

Company: CCR Technologies Inc., Stoney Creek, ON.

Description: The Straightener is specialized equipment used for steel mill, major parts include water cooled hollow frame, hydraulic cylinder, bearings, gearbox, chain drive, electric motor, water piping, grease piping, hardwares, etc.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS, PhotoWorks

Spot Welder & Press

Honorable Mention - Machinery

Entry: Spot Welder & Press

Company: R.Reininger & Son, Newmarket, ON.

Description: The presented machine is a combination of spot welder and forming press 100 T. Part is picked up from another forming machine by pick-up arm then placed into part transfer mechanism and spot welded. Then with second pick-up arm transferred to a forming press (rib forming operation) and after that part is ejected into bin.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS

Fan and Motor

Honorable Mention - Automotive

Entry: Fan and Motor

Company: Siemens VDO, London, ON.

Description: Siemens VDO in London, Ontario is an engine cooling and HVAC design and manufacturing facility, with a full range of design, testing, and prototyping capabilities. The purpose of the design is to create an airflow through the radiator which cools the engine in an automobile.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS

3D Transfer Tool

Honorable Mention - CAE

Entry: Reactor

Company: Trojan Technologies, London, ON.

Description: Flow lines in a Trojan Technologies UV water filtration/disinfection reactor

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Extruder and Platform

Honorable Mention - Quick Startup

Entry: Extruder and Platform

Company: Macro Engineering & Technology, Mississauga, ON.

Description: An extruder for plastic film

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS

Minsar Spacecraft

Honorable Mention - Educational

Entry: Minsar Spacecraft

Company: University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.

Description: The MINSAR spacecraft were designed for the AER1520 Microsatellite Design project course taught by Professor Zee at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS).  The primary objective of this course was to involve students in the design of a realistic microsatellite space mission.  One student acted as the systems engineer with each of the others responsible for a spacecraft subsystem.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS Educational Edition

Formula SAE Car

Honorable Mention - Educational

Entry: Formula SAE Car

Company: University of Ontario, Oshawa, ON.

Description: This model is used for mock up and presentation purposes for the car that is to be built and competed in Detroit Michigan's international Formula SAE competition.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS Educational Edition