2006 Contest Winners

Javelin/SOLIDWORKS "Cool" Design Awards

Javelin Technologies presents the winners of the 2006 "Cool" Design Contest. Entries were submitted from a variety of commercial and educational customers. The entries were judged based on:

  • Product Functionality
  • Degree of Difficulty of Design Task
  • "Coolness" of the Design Contest Entry


Telescopic Forklift

Grand Prize Winner

Entry: Telescopic Forklift

Designer: Constantin Vasilescu

Company: Carelift Equipment Limited, Breslau, ON.

Description: A telescopic forklift which can be used to lift and transport. It can lift up to 20,000 lbs to a maximum of 44 ft. It uses a new, EPA compliant, tier 3 engine, along with sophisticated cooling package, transmission, axles, etc.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress

Small open wheeled formula style racing car

Runner up

Entry: Small open wheeled formula style racing car

Designer: Ray Minato

Company: Inertia Engineering + Design Inc., Toronto

Description: This design is of a small open wheeled formula style racing car. It was designed as an exercise to showcase the type of experience and services offered by Inertia Engineering + Design Inc.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional , SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Motion, and PhotoWorks

Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor

3rd Place

Entry: Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor

Designer: Jade Cho

Company: Devair Inc., Barrie, ON.

Description: The design is a two stage reciprocating air compressor pump. The compressor pump is comprised of 60 different parts. A 15 HP. pump with 175 PSI (12 Bar) normal working pressure and 50 ft3/min. (1.5 m3/min) air delivery capacity.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS MotionManager (MotionManager), PhotoWorks

Self Sustaining Cottage

Honourable Mention - Environmental Design

Entry: Self Sustaining Cottage

Designers: Mark Remennik, John Bowron, Julian Bowron.

Description: The project is a design and rendering of a self sustaining cottage which is capable of surviving off the grid, as well as have the ability to connect back to the grid. Systems such as solar water heating, solar electrical panels a wind turbine etc. are key in this project. The size and material of the windows, the space organization also play a role in the sustainability of the cottage.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS, PhotoWorks

Connector for the Safety/Fall Arrest Industry

Honourable Mention - Consumer Product Design

Entry: Connector for the Safety/Fall Arrest Industry

Designer: Bob Claus

Company: PenSafe, Stoney Creek, ON.

Description: This product is a connector for the Safety/Fall Arrest Industry and is designed to save lives.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Future Hydrogen Gas Station

Honourable Mention - Education

Entry: Future Hydrogen Gas Station

Designer: Joseph Paonessa

Company: UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), Oshawa, ON.

Description: This is a conceptual design of a futuristic Canadian gas station to accommodate hydrogen fuel.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS Educational Edition

Collapsible Ship Bow

Honourable Mention - Marine

Entry: Collapsible Ship Bow

Designer: Paul Novak

Company: Intelligent Engineering Canada, Ottawa, ON.

Description: The Sea-Arrow Bow Stem is a collapsible ship bow concept for impact rupture reduction.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS and Rhino, Rhino-to-SOLIDWORKS Add-in for interoperability between Rhino and SOLIDWORKS

3D Transfer Tool

Honourable Mention - Tooling

Entry: 3D Transfer Tool

Designer: Michael Fernando

Company: Theta Industries Ltd., TTS Transfer Technology Solutions, Inc., Barrie ON.

Description: This 3D Transfer Tool was allotted 18 weeks to complete form Process Design to the Production Approval (PPAP) run.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM

Stress Analysis

Honourable Mention - Analysis

Entry: Stress Analysis

Designer: Rick Grant

Company: Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc., Hammonds Plains, NS.

Description: Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc. (www.grantec.ca), on behalf of a leading North American-based international supplier of desalination systems, conducted advanced finite element analysis of a large (500 ton) Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) desalination vessel to assess the integrity of the major pressure retaining components under pressure, vacuum, wind, thermal, gravity and hydrotest loads.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

Stress Analysis

Honourable Mention - Computational Fluid Dynamics

Entry: Projector Air Flow Trajectories

Designer/Analyst: Sidi Maiga

Company: Christie Digital Systems, Kitchener, ON.

Description: SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation was used to simulate the air flow trajectories and pressure drop through a projection system.

Design Tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation