2007 Contest Winners

Javelin/SOLIDWORKS "Cool" Design Awards

Javelin Technologies presents the winners of the 2007 "Cool" Design Contest. Entries were submitted from a variety of commercial and educational customers. The entries were judged based on:

  • Product Functionality
  • Degree of Difficulty of Design Task
  • "Coolness" of the Design Contest Entry



Grand Prize Winner

Entry: 'Stic-it' Hand Held Label Applicator

Designer: Douglas F Lovegrove

Company: AG-Tronic Control Systems, Leamington, ON.

Description: Stic-it is the world's fastest hand held label applicator, capable of 8 labels/sec it will last a whole shift on one battery pack in most cases.

How SOLIDWORKS Helped: SOLIDWORKS was able to meet all of AG-Tronic's design needs whether it was component, sheet metal, or surfacing the handle to contour the human hand. SOLIDWORKS provided at least 30% time saving over the use of Autodesk® Inventor™!

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Bernu Seating

Runner Up

Entry: Bernu Seating

Designer: Davide Tonizzo

Company: Design D, Toronto, ON.

Description: Bernu is a collection of seating used for airports, transportation hubs, municipal buildings and outdoor public areas. It is a beam system whereby individual seats are mounted on a common beam. It is unique in that the seats can be arranged in circular grouping as well as straight side by side arrangements.

How SOLIDWORKS Helped: SOLIDWORKS proved vital to its development as parts could be modeled and rapid prototyped quickly to prove out the ergonomic and mechanical characteristics.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, PhotoWorks

Composite-Plated FPSO Superstructure

3rd Place

Entry: Composite-Plated FPSO Superstructure

Designer: Paul Novak

Company: Intelligent Engineering, Ottawa, ON.

Description: Intelligent Engineering's SPS composite plating was targeted by UK shipbuilding giant BP. They asked Intelligent Engineering to provide a blast proof, thermally-insulative, yet lightweight accommodation block superstructure that would not add to the overall mass of the ship.

How SOLIDWORKS Helped: SOLIDWORKS helped reduce Intelligent Engineering's design time by around 50% compared to using Rhino and Pro/ENGINEER; also providing an approximate design cost saving of 30%.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, PhotoWorks

Centrifugal Pump Assembly

Honourable Mention - Machine Design

Entry: Centrifugal Pump Assembly

Designer: Bryan Januszkiewicz

Company: CPC Pumps International, Mississauga, ON.

Description: An assembly of a single stage, double suction centrifugal pump. (API BB2) This pump was designed to circulate Hydro Fluoric Acid.

How SOLIDWORKS Helped: SOLIDWORKS enabled CPC Pumps to be sure their assembly would fit into an existing plant location.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, PhotoWorks

Meccano Kit - Prototype Car Design

Honourable Mention - Education

Entry: Meccano Kit - Prototype Car Design

Designer: Jaedeok Cho

Company: University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), Oshawa, ON.

Description: UOIT design students were tasked with creating the ideal prototype car design from the Meccano kits limited quantity of parts.

How SOLIDWORKS Helped: SOLIDWORKS software helped them to simulate gear mechanisms and demonstrate how the design worked.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS MotionManager