2008 Contest Winners

Javelin/SOLIDWORKS "Cool" Design Awards

Javelin Technologies presents the winners of the 2008 "Cool" Design Contest. Entries were submitted from a variety of commercial and educational customers. The entries were judged based on:

  • Product Functionality
  • Degree of Difficulty of Design Task
  • "Coolness" of the Design Contest Entry



Grand Prize Winner

Entry: SPS-Cable-Suspended-Bridge

Designer: Paul Novak

Company: Intelligent Engineering, Ottawa, ON.

Description: This bridge design is a modified configuration for a long span cable-suspended bridge in Texas. The client was looking for a new lightweight technology to extend the span and provide a cleaner look on the bottom, and to improve wind load aerodynamics. Intelligent Engineering's SPS composite plate technology was the ideal choice for the project.

How SOLIDWORKS helped: Architectural designs tend to involve a lot of repetition, but with subtle changes or omissions between one structural component and a seemingly identical neighbor. This is where SOLIDWORKS shines - via Configurations. Using SOLIDWORKS the design time for the project went from 5 weeks down to 2.


Veinrunner II

Runner Up

Entry: Veinrunner II

Designer: Paul Dupuis

Company: Mining Technologies Int'l, Sudbury, ON.

Description: The Veinrunner II is a single boom hydraulic drill rig. It's carrier is designed to have a 56 inch overall width and 83 inch maximum height for narrow vein mining. The drill boom can drive a maximum 4.5m x 4.5m drift. This particular model of Veinrunner II has a diesel driven power pack for the hydraulic system.

How SOLIDWORKS helped: SOLIDWORKS Simulation was used to test the cab and the frame's structural integrity in order to meet the ROPS (roll over protection system) standards set by SAE. Using SOLIDWORKS rather than 3D AutoCAD provided a 40% to 50% saving in design time!

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation

EE3700 Extruder-Expeller

Green Design Winner

Entry: EE3700 Extruder-Expeller

Designer: Nicholas Leja

Company: Energrow Inc., Newton, ON.

Description: This is an extruder-expeller that allows the end user (typically a farmer) to produce biofuel on-site. This reduces the farmer's carbon footprint as well as input costs. By growing a dedicated crop of fuel-oil seed, the farmer can reduce his/her petroleum fuel consumption by up to 70,000L as well as produce a value feed by-product for livestock.

How SOLIDWORKS helped: Using Solidworks has drastically reduced our outside engineering and rework costs. It has also accelerated our time to market and provided a great starting point for print ad material. Design time went from 6 months to 6 weeks.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS Professional, PhotoWorks

Merlin 1500

Honourable Mention - Innovation

Entry: Merlin 1500

Designer: Hans Paule

Company: Paule Computer Systems Ltd, Markham, ON.

Description: Merlin is the worlds first fully automated convertible bowling pinsetter. It switches from the uniquely Canadian 5 Pin game to the USA Ten pin game in a matter of seconds. This allows our customers to virtually double the use of their lane beds.

How SOLIDWORKS helped: SOLIDWORKS was used to model every aspect of the design, from components to sheet metal. SOLIDWORKS Simulation was instrumental in this successful design, as it allowed us to run this machine virtually long before components were manufactured for prototyping.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Sentinelle Vanguard® G-Series Tabletop System for MRI Breast Imaging and Intervention

Honourable Mention - Medical

Entry: Sentinelle Vanguard® G-Series Tabletop System for MRI Breast Imaging and Intervention

Designer: Jakub Jankowski

Company: Sentinelle Medical Inc., Toronto, ON.

Description: The Sentinelle Vanguard® G-Series Tabletop System boasts an innovative patient support design with unique Variable Coil Geometry to transform a leading MRI scanner into a dedicated breast imaging and intervention system. With features not available on traditional breast imaging systems, this next-generation product optimizes imaging, access, patient care, patient comfort, and dramatically improves workflow efficiency.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS Professional

SJ Dashboard

Honourable Mention - Education

Entry: SJ Dashboard

Designer: Soheil Jahed

Company: Humber College, Etobicoke, ON.

Description: This design represents a sport utility dashboard in which all the components were simplified and designed in a smarter way. Sitting in such an environment can give an enjoyable feeling to a driver and also the other passenger in the car.

How SOLIDWORKS helped: Using SOLIDWORKS helped me to achieve the best results possible in detailing and forming the overall shape of the dashboard. By using Photoworks I was able to bring this concept to life.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, PhotoWorks

Fully Automated Mold

Honourable Mention - Mold

Entry: Fully Automated Mold

Designer: Branko Karapancev

Company: Die-Mold Tool Ltd., Georgetown, ON.

Description: A fully automated mold for plastic products for plumbing industry, which is a specialized area of Die-Mold Tool Ltd.

How SOLIDWORKS helped: Die-Mold Tool Ltd use simulation, to determine open and closed position of molds. Sometimes there are really difficult rotations and movements of cores, and simulation is necessary to proof ability of correct and quality production.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS

Tuned Mass Damper (TMD)

Honourable Mention - Heavy Machinery

Entry: Tuned Mass Damper (TMD)

Designer: Andrew Smith

Company: RWDI Inc., Guelph, ON.

Description: The tuned mass damper (TMD) illustrated is one of an identical pair to be installed in a skyscraper in New York City. Each TMD weighs 325 tons and they are employed to minimize the sway of the building during windstorms.

How SOLIDWORKS helped: As this is a relatively complicated machine of significant mass and prototyping is not feasible, we depended on SOLIDWORKS Motion and SOLIDWORKS Simulation to verify the physics of the design as well as providing the load combinations and load paths to allow for our detailed design including stress and fatigue analysis.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS Motion, SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Water Feature Proposal

Honourable Mention - Construction

Entry: Water Feature Proposal

Designer: Mark Remennik

Company: Feature Factory, Toronto, ON.

Description: This water feature was proposed for a newly built mall in Russia. The fountain features bubble-free crystal clear streams of water that would jump from one basin to another. The fountain is simple and elegant. It's geometrical form is interrupted with glacier type forms.

How SOLIDWORKS helped: SOLIDWORKS allowed me to create very intricate shapes especially when designing the glacier forms. Rendering capabilities allowed me to create realistic water and ice textures. Most importantly, the mechanical and sculptural aspects of the project were all created within one model.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, PhotoWorks

ORB-it G2 Print & Apply Labeler

Honourable Mention - Packaging

Entry: ORB-it G2 Print & Apply Labeler

Designer: Douglas F Lovegrove

Company: AG-Tronic Control Systems, Leamington, ON.

Description: The ORB-it G2 labeling system will print lot codes, bar codes, packaged or sell by dates on the label just prior to being gently applied to fruit.

How SOLIDWORKS helped: The labeler was designed in SOLIDWORKS and stressed components were run in SOLIDWORKS Simulation for testing.

Design tools: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation