Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc.

Marine/Analysis Services Industry

Grantec Engineering Consultants, Inc. provides advanced analysis services to clients that develop complex structures and mechanical systems in the offshore, marine, energy, manufacturing, petrochemical, and defense industries.


Company: Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc.

Location: Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia


Industry: Marine/Analysis Services


Products used: SOLIDWORKS Motion™, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium and SOLIDWORKS Premium


When company president Richard M. Grant founded the company, he realized he would need a robust, flexible, and affordable set of analysis tools in order to meet his client's diverse engineering challenges consistently, efficiently, and cost-effectively.



The company selected SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium and SOLIDWORKS Motion analysis software for advanced structural analysis because of the software's ease of use, complete set of capabilities, integration with SOLIDWORKS Premium 3D CAD software, and value.

By choosing SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Grantec has increased analysis productivity by a factor of 40, expanded its range of analysis capabilities, enhanced its compatibility with customer design data, and improved its communication of analysis results.



  • Increased analysis productivity by a factor of 40
  • Expanded range of analysis capabilities
  • Enhanced handling of analysis of complex geometries
  • Improved communication of analysis results to customers


Richard M. Grant, Founder and President, Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc.
SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a very robust, well-established code that provides more bang for the buck than other analysis systems. Using SOLIDWORKS as the front end to SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a more efficient approach because we can handle more complex geometries. This allows us to conduct advanced analyses faster and more cost-effectively.

Richard M. Grant, Founder and President, Grantec Engineering Consultants Inc.


Analysis of a desalination vessel

Grantec conducted an advanced finite element analysis of a large (500 ton) Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) desalination vessel

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