Theta Industries Inc.

Tool & Die Industry (Precision Metal Forming)

Theta Industries Inc., assists manufacturers by providing product development support, prototyping, precision metal forming/stamping and sub-assembly with value added services.

Primarily focus is the automotive and consumer electronics industries.

Markets include the United States, Mexico and Canada.


Company: Theta Industries Inc.

Location: Barrie, Ontario


Industry: Precision Metal Forming

Previous CAD: CADKEY

Products used: SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS, FormatWorks


  • Move from 2D to 3D technology, replace CADKEY and incorporate parametrics
  • Reduce design time
  • Reduce design errors and amount of re-work required
  • Produce more complete and detailed drawings to facilitate better communications
  • Improve quality of designs
  • Implement data management strategy to replace manual revision control



  • Selected SOLIDWORKS over SolidEdge and Pro/ENGINEER for parametrics, price and ease of use
  • Total design time reduced by 40% to 50% (Most repetitive work is automated)
  • Substantial reduction in design errors   
  • Less re-work and  fewer prototypes required
  • Considerable savings realized in labour and material costs
  • Ability to easily integrate engineering changes using parametrics 
  • More complete visualization and exploded views of concepts prior to production
  • Improved internal and external communications with customers, suppliers as well as internal staff using SOLIDWORKS eDrawings (included in SOLIDWORKS Professional Package)
  • Collision Detection and Interference capabilities substantially improved product quality, increased material savings and produced error free drawings
  • Ease of use allows for optimum quality of every part produced 
  • Easily translate customer files including corrupted files from other CAD systems with FormatWorks function (SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner)
  • Definite time savings resulted from implementing SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM for version control, file management and by working locally vs. over the network file location  


Michael Fernando, Tool & Die Designer, Theta Industries Inc.
Prior to using SOLIDWORKS PDM, we saved everything over the network file location.  Implementing SOLIDWORKS PDM took care of version control and file management issues.  Revision control used to be done manually and was very time consuming.  Theta Industries has realized a definite time saving with SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Michael Fernando, Tool & Die Designer, Theta Industries Inc.


Progressive Tool Design

Theta Progressive Tool Design, complex SOLIDWORKS large assembly

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3D Transfer Tool

The 3D Transfer Tool was designed using Solidworks. The movement of the tools was simulated to check for collisions and fine tune the timing of the Transfer Rails and Gripper Fingers

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