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Javelin Technologies Customer Case Studies

Since 1997, Javelin has helped over 3,500 Canadian companies design better products with SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD software and other leading Solution Partner Products. Learn about our customers and how they benefit from 3D design software and services.


DART Aerospace Ltd.

Industry: Helicopter Products

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS Professional, BlankWorks

Summary: DART designs, engineers, and manufactures aerospace products for the helicopter industry

Learn more about DART Aerospace Ltd.

DBID David Bryce Industrial Design

Industry: Design & Engineering Services

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS, PhotoWorks

Summary: DBID is an industrial design consultancy specializing in furniture and store fixtures.

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Devair Inc. Air Compressor

Industry: Industrial Products

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS, PhotoWorks, SOLIDWORKS MotionManager (MotionManager), SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Summary: Devair Inc., is an industrial products company, they design and manufacture Rotary Screw Compressors, Piston Compressors, and Dryers.

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Evolve Design Solutions Smart Control

Industry: Energy, Process & Plant

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS Premium

Summary: Using SOLIDWORKS, Eastern Power developed the 73,000-square-foot Greenfield South Power Plant, a 280 MW, natural-gas fired, combined cycle facility in Mississauga, Ontario.

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Evolve Design Solutions Smart Control

Industry: Industrial Design / Product Design

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS Professional , SOLIDWORKS eDrawings, PhotoWorks, SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress

Summary: Evolve Design Solutions is an industrial design and product design consulting firm with manufacturing and plastics expertise.

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F-B Tool & Die Limited

Industry:Precision Metal Forming

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS eDrawings, 3DQuickPress

Summary: F-B Tool & Die Limited offer a complete tooling service including design and build, tool manufacturing, precision machining and troubleshooting expertise.

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Gibson Product Design

Industry: Industrial Design & Product Development

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS Professional, PhotoWorks, SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Professional

Summary: Gibson Product Design is an industrial design and product development consulting company who provide integrated service from product concept through to manufacturing handoff

Learn more about Gibson Product Design

Grantec Analysis of Canadian Navy’s Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel

Industry: Marine/Analysis Service

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS Motion™, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium and SOLIDWORKS Premium

Summary: Grantec Engineering Consultants, Inc. provides advanced analysis services to clients that develop complex structures for a wide range of applications.

Learn more about Grantec Engineering Consultants

Inertia Formula Car Design

Industry: Engineering and design services

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

Summary: Inertia provides engineering and design solutions for automotive, industrial and consumer product industries.

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Kerr and Company Design

Industry: Design & Engineering Services

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS

Summary: Kerr and Company is a product and system development team, based in Toronto, On., who focus on research and stategic innovation.

Learn more about Kerr & Company

Laborie Medical Technologies

Industry: Medical

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS

Summary: Laborie Medical Technologies is the market leader providing urodynamics medical solutions to the field of urology.

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Maclean Engineering Mine Mate AC-3

Industry: Heavy Equipment

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Motion

Summary: Manufacturer of heavy equipment for underground mining industry. Market leaders in manufacturing mechanized bolting systems, secondary breaking systems and utility vehicle systems.

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Industry: Furniture, Fixtures & Office Equipment

Products Used: FeatureWorks, SOLIDWORKS and PhotoWorks

Summary: Miles Keller Design Associates, Inc., (formerly Carbon Design, Inc.), designs a wide variety of consumer products including ergonomic office furniture.

Learn more about MKDA

Mitchell Mill Canada Ltd.

Industry: Material Handling, Machinery

Products Used: SOLIDWORKS Professional

Summary: Using SOLIDWORKS software, Mitchell Mill Systems transitioned from 2D to 3D, eliminating design errors, cutting development costs, and accelerating system assembly.

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