Become a SOLIDWORKS Certified Professional

What is the Certification Program? In today's mechanical design market only the most qualified and advanced professionals succeed. We have always believed it is imperative that there be a standard in place that measures the competencies of these professionals. There are eight different certification qualifications available for SOLIDWORKS certification, including Associate and Professional, Sheet Metal, Weldments, Surfacing, Mold, FEA, and SOLIDWORKS Expert.


Online Testing Procedure

You can obtain certification online by visiting the SOLIDWORKS Website. The process is to first purchase the exam, take the exam, and then print the certificate.

Purchase Purchase the Exam Purchase Take the Exam Purchase Print the Certificate
You must first visit the SOLIDWORKS web store, choose the exam to take then make a purchase. To take a certification exam you download a 'Virtualtester Client' from the SOLIDWORKS web site. When you achieve a certification, SOLIDWORKS provides 24-hour access to your electronic certificate.

Go to the SOLIDWORKS Website and take a SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam

SOLIDWORKS Certification Training Plan

Listed below is our recommended training plan to obtain SOLIDWORKS certification, this will allow you to better understand what knowledge is required to pass the exam and the different methods of attaining the required skill set.


Table: Training Plan
Course/Requirement Method Time Required
SOLIDWORKS Essentials Course Instructor Led Training 4 days
SOLIDWORKS Drawing Course Instructor Led Training 2 Days
SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling Course Instructor Led Training 2 days
SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling Course Instructor Led Training 2 days
SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Design Course Instructor Led Training 1.5 days
Experience with SOLIDWORKS Carrying out your job with SOLIDWORKS 4-6 months
Obtain Certification Sit the exam** 1 day