CSWP - Mold Tools

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional

The Advanced Mold Tools exam will test your ability to utilize the Mold Tools found in SOLIDWORKS. Understanding SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools will help to aid a user in the completion of a robust mold design in an efficient manner. Successful completion of this exam will demonstrate a users knowledge of how to correctly utilize these tools found in SOLIDWORKS.

All candidates receive electronic certifcates, business card logos and personal listing on CSWP directory when they pass.


Exam details:

Exam Length: 90 minutes
Min Passing grade: 80%
Type: Hands-on exam


Exam Topics

Exam features hands-on challenges in many of these areas of the SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools functionality:

  • Parting Line Creation
  • Parting Line Surface Creation
  • Draft Analysis
  • Shut-off Surface Creation 
  • Imported Part Repair 
  • Cavity Tool 
  • Parting Line Split Face