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We can improve the 3D skills of your PEOPLE, equip your business with the latest 3D TECHNOLOGY, help you to define and implement the required PROCESS, and introduce you to new innovative techniques for ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING.

Our combined team of dedicated experts specializes in meeting the most stringent requirements for 3D design, data management, high-performance prototypes, tooling, end use parts, and low volume manufacturing. Our approach allows us to gain a deep understanding of your most pressing needs and deliver solutions that affect your bottom line.

Smart Solutions

Stay ahead of the competition with Javelin Technologies and Cimetrix Solutions – a unified partner that will dig deep into your projects and workflow to identify ways you can improve, save time, and reduce costs.

Develop your PEOPLE

We provide a unique, custom approach to carefully assessing your needs and developing the right training solutions for your team.

Integrate & elevate your PROCESS

We’ll help you refine how your team works and better connect your entire organization.

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