Videos by Omar Zohni, DS SOLIDWORKS

About Omar Zohni, DS SOLIDWORKS

Omar is the Senior Technical Manager - Simulation Products at DS SOLIDWORKS. Experienced mechanical engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Industries. Strong technical presales professional with a background in MEMS, CFD, Plastics Injection Molding, FEA and supporting large customers who want to enhance their simulation expertise.

Expanding Beyond SOLIDWORKS Simulation with SIMULIA


In this session learn how SIMULIA can extend the power of SOLIDWORKS Simulation. The demo covers many of the SIMULIA capabilities along with examples of different applications. Extend SOLIDWORKS Simulation As SOLIDWORKS CAD and Simulation users, you have come to appreciate the ease of use, intuitiveness, and power. Have you ever wanted more? Maybe more…

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