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Scott is the Business Data Solutions Manager at Javelin, assisting our customers to implement the right SOLIDWORKS data solution for their business challenges. Scott has been using SOLIDWORKS since version 98!
Data Management Solutions

SOLIDWORKS Data Management Solutions

By Scott Lidgey, CSWE, Javelin

In this session we’ll take a look at the suite of data management solutions from DS SOLIDWORKS.  No matter your company size or process complexity there is a solution designed for you. Watch the playlist below to learn more: Data Management Solutions Covered in this session are on-premise solutions from DS SOLIDWORKS, plus solutions from…

3DEXPERIENCE Works Collaborate

3DEXPERIENCE Works revolutionizes how you Work and Collaborate!

By Scott Lidgey, CSWE, Javelin

In this 3DEXPERIENCE Works demonstration we look at a real-world example of raising a design issue and following the change process through to completion. Every team member will participate and be made aware of the progress each step of the way. Watch the playlist below to go through the process: 3DEXPERIENCE Works Roles Featured in…


3DEXPERIENCE Works Platform Overview

By Scott Lidgey, CSWE, Javelin

Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert Scott Lidgey, takes us on a tour through the 3DEXPERIENCE Works landscape with the help of three common characters, a Designer, Manager and Engineer, who are collaborating on the cloud. “Experience” the platform through these specific roles: Connect your business with the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform: With 3DEXPERIENCE Works 2021 your product development…

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