DELMIA | Works ERP to enable a successful Digital Transformation Strategy

Session presented by Rob Hauser, CSPP, Javelin

Rob Hauser, Certified Technical Sales Specialist at Javelin, takes you through how the DELMIAworks ERP / MES solution provides the information you need to make better business decisions and assist you on your path to a successful digital transformation strategy:

Digital transformation is being accelerated

In usual times, there is a small slice of time when a manufacturer is considering adding or changing an engineering resource planning (ERP) and a manufacturing execution system (MES). Given the challenges of 2020 however, it is the perfect opportunity to look for efficiencies and new ways of working.

What makes DELMIAworks different?

DELMIAworks combines ERP and MES. With one single platform, you see a clear picture of the factory floor. Real-time process monitoring allows you to make decisions quickly and be confident that production and quality control is being executed well.

The overarching differentiator for DELMIAworks is the unique combination of factory floor process control and monitoring coupled with ERP functionality. Most systems are either Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or a Manufacturing Execution System (MES); with DELMIAworks, these systems are integrated as one native solution. This integration provides a true, real-time vision and record of the shop floor.

Rob Hauser, CSPP, Javelin

Rob is a System Architect at Javelin, and has over 35 years of Engineering and IT leadership experience with a consistent track record of driving increased levels of productivity, profits and internal/external customer satisfaction. Rob is a Technology Evangelist and Change Agent designing and implementing technical solutions that reduce TCO and deliver a strong ROI.


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