How to leverage Process Automation with DriveWorks

Session presented by Aaron Dawson, Maglin Site Furniture

Aaron Dawson, Director of Manufacturing at Maglin Site Furniture, discusses how implementing DriveWorks Process Automation Solution has helped Maglin move to manufacturing — and to market — faster:

Maglin Business Challenge:

Customization usually means longer lead times, but landscape architects and site contractors can rarely afford to wait. In the past, getting from desired specs to approved drawings took at least two weeks.

Automation Solution:

Implementing a DriveWorks-powered configure-price-quote (CPQ) system with the help of technical experts at Javelin Technologies.


  • DriveWorks gives sales reps and landscape architects an easy-to-use online system for configuring modular site furniture, generating pricing, and creating drawings, continually updating in real time
  • Maglin’s typical two-week sales process, including customer approval of drawings, has been eliminated
  • Engineers are free to develop new products; they are no longer tied up making and tracking small tweaks to designs
  • Using CPQ automation, Maglin can meet customer demand for speed while continuing to provide customization and quality; they are also winning more projects by delivering quotations and drawings quickly
  • Effects are company-wide: overall revenue has increased; sales reps have more time to spend on relationship building with new and existing customers; the marketing team is able to promote the benefits of the DriveWorks system
  • Working directly with both Javelin and DriveWorks, Maglin has been mentored and supported and is contributing to future releases of the software that will benefit everyone

Aaron Dawson, Maglin Site Furniture

Aaron Dawson, P.Eng, is the Director of Manufacturing at Maglin Site Furniture. They design and manufacture quality seating, tables, waste containers, bike racks, and planters for public gathering areas. The organization has to be effective, lean, and fast-moving to meet the demands of customers who want custom configurations to suit their creative designs.


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