SOLIDWORKS Communication Tools for Machinery

Session presented by Claudia Mak, CSWE, Javelin

Typical 2D work cell layout does not allow for a true vision of the work area. Whether your machinery is manned or automated, it is critical to use SOLIDWORKS to help you understand the components that are within range of motion and the obstacles that may be in your path. This is useful for both, communications, AND interrogations of your layouts:

SOLIDWORKS Mate Controller

Creating animations of SOLIDWORKS machinery with the Mate Controller. The controller lets you manipulate specific mates that control degrees of freedom for a design. You can save and recall saved positions and mate values, and create animations based on the saved positions.

On of the big advantages with the Mate Controller is the ability to show and save the positions of assembly components at various mate values and degrees of freedom without using configurations for each position. The SOLIDWORKS Mate Controller is also integrated with Motion Studies, so you can create animations based on the positions you define with the Mate Controller; thus making the process of animating movement much easier.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize provides a suite of standalone software tools that combine industry-leading rendering capabilities with visual design-oriented features and workflows, allowing easy and fast creation of visual content that communicates a design’s vision, passion, and emotion.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize has been created for anyone who needs to create professional photo-quality, images, animations, and other 3D content in the fastest and easiest way possible. SOLIDWORKS Visualize is hardware-agnostic, which means designers, engineers, and content creators who use SOLIDWORKS or other CAD creation tools (such as Rhino®, Autodesk® Alias®, 3ds Max®) for product, architectural, yacht, mechanical, and other designs can produce an enhanced 3D decision making experience in a fast, easy, and fun way


Communicate your designs with content authoring software that allows anyone to create high-quality raster images, vector line art, or interactive product animations. The resulting materials will be as stunning as your designs.

SOLIDWORKS® Composer™ helps your organization, including nontechnical users, leverage 3D CAD data to create dynamic graphical content that clearly and effectively depicts even your most complex products.

Claudia Mak, CSWE, Javelin

Claudia is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert with 5+ years of experience with design, engineering and manufacturing in various industries. She holds a BASc (Bachelor of Applied Science) Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Waterloo.

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