What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021 Part 2: Simulation, Flow, & Electrical

Session presented by Vicky Guignard, CSWE, Javelin

Discover the latest enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Flow Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2021 with Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert Vicky Guignard:

Featured in this SOLIDWORKS What’s New Session:

  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021 makes it easier than ever to succeed with your Simulation-driven design efforts. The analysis process is simplified and more flexible. And with the accuracy and speed improvements, there’s something for everyone, new and existing users alike. Including mesh diagnostics that will identify, isolate and prompt to fix poor quality elements. Faster and more robust meshing due to improvements in bonding accuracy; and improved convergence through contact stabilization.
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2021 expands the types of CFD problems you can solve and continues to improve how project results are processed. Rotating Region is a powerful feature that is used to simulate fluid driving motion of rotating components. Now, in Flow Simulation 2021, Rotating Regions can be combined with the Free Surface feature. This is ideal for mixing tasks and can be leveraged further to gain more insight on product performance.
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2021 has enhanced Routes Harness functionality to now support the use of both Splines and Lines to create Route Paths. Supporting Splines, along with lines and arcs, in creating a Routing Paths for electrical harnesses greatly improves the versatility of routing electrical harnesses in geometrically complex products. It is a common practice to have multiple cables starting from a single connector and then have each of the cables go to different parts of the electrical system. Routing all these different cables as a single assembly does not provide flexibility designers want.
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic 2021 has improved Cable Properties by including a new field ‘Separate 3D route assembly’. The same parameter can also be controlled in SOLIDWORKS Route Cable command to provide maximum flexibility on how and where to initiate this new parameter.

Vicky Guignard, CSWE, Javelin

Vicky has been working in the CAD industry since 2010 and has a background in machine design and steel structure design. Vicky works closely with the Javelin sales team, helping to solve complex customer challenges utilizing the SOLIDWORKS product line. She is also an instructor for Javelin and delivers private, and public training in Western Canada, as well as online through Javelin's JOLT training. Vicky has been an Application Engineer with Javelin since 2014.

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