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The Javelin Services Team can MODEL or TEST your design, and CUSTOMIZE / AUTOMATE your SOLIDWORKS system

What makes us distinct as a Certified SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller (VAR) is that we can provide human resources and consulting services to help you complete your project.

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Customer ISSUES we regularly help with...

  • We need help to produce library parts and models for our project.
  • We need a SOLIDWORKS programming or automation solution to reduce our repetitive tasks.
  • We need to validate a design and require the assistance of an analysis expert to test our model.
  • We need advice with configuring and streamlining our design and manufacturing process.

We MODEL your design

Model and Library creation Services

Reduce the workload on your designers and engineers with our model and library creation services


Service Overview

For over 20 years, Javelin has been providing customers with the skills and techniques to build their models better and faster. Now with our new SOLIDWORKS Service offerings we can help you to create the models you need; and empower you with best practices to produce optimized models that load faster and are easier to modify.

Why customers need our help
  • We are currently under staffed and need help to complete a project.
  • We want to concentrate on generating new work and need help completing an existing project.
  • We have fallen behind on a project and need help to speed up our process and output.
  • We have taken on a project that we are not experienced with and need mentoring to help us get started.
  • We have hundreds or thousands of parts/assemblies that need to be created!
Typical SOLIDWORKS Services
  • Assistance with creating complex parts: If you need advice and best practices for creating your parts then we can create master parts and provide mentoring and techniques for making parts with less features that are easier for your team to work with; thus increasing their productivity.
  • Creation of a design library for building assemblies: If your assemblies require a lot of standard or manufactured parts then we can help you to create the models so they can be easily added to your assemblies making the assembly process faster for you.
  • Optimize your SOLIDWORKS models: If your parts and subsequent assemblies are taking too long to load or are difficult to modify then we can create models for you which are optimized with the best features and contain configurations for different sizes and situations. We can also provide advice on how to optimize your parts to reduce material or alternative methods of manufacture to reduce costs.
  • Convert models to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS: We can help you to convert your existing database to work more effectively with the latest version of SOLIDWORKS.
  • Teach you how to model: We can show you to use your SOLIDWORKS software more effectively and help you to choose the right features and techniques to simplify complex parts.

We TEST your Design

Simulation and Validation Services

Javelin Analysis experts can help you solve your tough design problems using SOLIDWORKS FEA and CFD software.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Service

Service Overview

The Javelin Simulation Services Team has been providing analysis services for North American engineering and manufacturing companies for years. Our capabilities are multidisciplinary with experience in structures, fluids, rigid body mechanics, composite materials, control systems, and others. We also have access to a complete prototype shop and rapid prototyping capability.

Javelin operates within a collaborative framework encompassing multiple investigators and practitioners with a wide variety of expertise. Javelin is a SOLIDWORKS certified advanced analysis provider and our team are certified analysis trainers, flow simulation advanced professionals, and certified simulation advanced professionals.

Typical Simulation Services
  • Solve manufacturing problems: We can help you to determine what is the best manufacturing process for your design. With SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS design tools we can model many aspects of your manufacturing process. For instance determine assembly stresses, mold flow or forming process.
  • Test new and competing design approaches: So that you can have confidence in your designs we can quickly assist you to test your new approaches without you having to build a prototype.
  • Optimize an existing design: We can help you to improve or prove your design if it needs to be larger, stronger, lighter, perform new functions or work under different conditions.
  • Troubleshoot problems with existing products: FEA gives you insights into the behavior of your existing product which may have failed during it’s service. To help determine the problem we can test the design in many different ways which may not be possible with the physical product.
  • Teach you how to use Simulation software: We can show you to use your simulation software more effectively and help you to better understand the results and how they will impact your design.

We CUSTOMIZE or AUTOMATE your system

Solve your process issue with a Customized SOLIDWORKS Application

The Javelin SOLIDWORKS Service Team helps customers to customize their SOLIDWORKS CAD and PDM software to streamline the system to match their business process.

Javelin has in-house programmers that can modify the SOLIDWORKS Application Programming Interface (API) to customize the software to meet your requirements. Listed below is a selection of the SOLIDWORKS custom applications developed by Javelin.

 Custom Application Examples
  • Feed Screw Creator application for SOLIDWORKS.
  • Automated Model and Drawing information created from an existing database.
  • BOM Part Number Validation against item masters in an ERP system.
  • Advanced Plant/Factory Layout Automation Add-in.
  • Automated PDF and Flame Cut File generation for distribution to manufacturing from engineering.
  • Custom software to transfer AutoCAD Bill of Materials to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.
  • DGN to SOLIDWORKS translator.
  • Material and Labour Cost Estimator Add-in for SOLIDWORKS part and assembly documents.
Typical Services
  • Create custom applications: We will design and build a custom application in SOLIDWORKS to enhance the software for your business need.
  • Modify SOLIDWORKS: If there is a SOLIDWORKS feature that you want modified or a custom PDM workflow that is critical to your business then we can help.
  • Connect SOLIDWORKS to business systems: We can help you to connect SOLIDWORKS PDM to your ERP, MRP or CRM system
  • Teach you how to create applications: Our programmers can teach you how to use the SOLIDWORKS API to create your own applications

Automate SOLIDWORKS so you can Configure, Price & Quote your products

Javelin can provide your business with a Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution that allows a customer to specify their requirements and receive an instant quote for their chosen specification.

CPQ systems make it easy for your customer to specify what they need and for you to rapidly provide them with a price. If the process of receiving a quote from your company is not easy then our CPQ system will solve that problem.

CPQ System
CPQ System
 You need to Automate with a CPQ system if you:
  • Are losing business because it takes too long and too much effort to create a quote.
  • Have a dealer network across a wide geographic area or a mobile sales force that needs a configuration tool.
  • Cannot design new products or enter new markets because you are too busy on standard items.
  • Are in need of a competitive advantage.
SOLIDWORKS CPQ Solution allows you to
  • Provide your customers with an Online Configuration/Quoting Tool to specify your product and receive instant information like pricing or a 3D preview. You can also enable a secure Point of Sale if they want to buy now.
  • Connect with your ERP system to generate pricing data (in real time during or after the specification process)
  • Connect with your CRM system to auto-populate customer information and tag files generated with properties that define a specific project, customer, sales opportunity or all the above
  • Drive SOLIDWORKS to automatically generate all the drawings and other manufacturing information such as:
    • Flat Patterns for routers, flame cut or waterjet cutters
    • Photo renderings to help your customer and the shop floor visualize the product you will deliver
    • Cut lists to feed the shop floor
    • NC Toolpaths (when integrated with CAM systems)

Javelin Services Success

Three Customers who have been successful with Javelin services

Calendar Club Kiosk Design
Calendar Club Kiosk Design

Calendar Club

SERVICE: Calendar Club worked with Javelin to develop a SOLIDWORKS application that reads information directly from their SQL database; allowing them to easily create new store/kiosk layouts. The application contains floor grid lines and an entire parts library.

RESULT: Design time was reduced 35%-45%, errors were reduced by 25%, and they realized a 30% cost savings.

Sunrise Power Solar Panels
Sunrise Power Solar Panels

Sunrise Power Corporation

SERVICE: Ontario's premier solar power equipment manufacturer dramatically reduced design time for large scale projects from two days to two hours fully automated using a customized SOLIDWORKS automation tool created by Javelin specifically for Sunrise Power.

RESULT: Produced 99.9% error free designs. Also facilitated simpler, more accurate quotes and costing (regardless of design changes, within 5% of final design outcome).

Sport Systems Hockey Boards
Sport Systems Hockey Boards

Sport Systems Unlimited

SERVICE: Sport Systems Unlimited, a hockey board manufacturer, invested in automation to define the configuration of customized board sizes. They are able to automatically create tool paths and instructions for their CNC machines and robotic systems directly from SOLIDWORKS.

RESULT: Cut production time by 62%. Tripled manufacturing throughput. Achieved a 40% share of the Canadian market. Expanded into new markets.

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