Avec Draftsight vous pouvez éditer des fichiers DWG à partir de n'importe quelle version d'AutoCAD !

Article by Dan Gamsby updated October 6, 2010


Looking for a free DWG Editor? Unable to open your AutoCAD files? We might be able to help you with DraftSight…

One of the common frustrations that SOLIDWORKS users have is being unable to open and edit legacy DWG files, either because the files are too old, or they no longer have a license of AutoCAD®. I have experienced this issue first-hand as a designer, when I couldn’t open AutoCAD files that were newer than the software I was working with and would receive the all too familiar ‘Drawing file is not valid’ error message.

AutoCAD message

AutoCAD message

This was always frustrating, involving phone calls and files being sent back and forth, or being saved as…or converted, etc.

Presenting a FREE DWG Editor

Dassault Systemes wanted to solve this issue and released a fantastic FREE DWG Editor called DraftSight, which is designed for anyone to help manage DWG files. Simply put, I love DraftSight. Oh, and did I mention it is FREE?  It’s also quick to download and install.  I am still scratching my head as to how they could create a full featured CAD editing tool with such a small file size and footprint.  Very impressive indeed.

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