Comment afficher la longueur totale de chaque fil par style de ligne utilisé dans les rapports électriques de SOLIDWORKS ?

Article by Danish Butt updated April 14, 2023


Displaying the total lengths of each wire style used in an electrical drawing can be beneficial when having to specify the specific amount of each wire style used for vendors. This can help reduce the time it would take to add up the length of each individual segment manually.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows for this functionality when generating a list of cable reports, specifically “List of wires by line style”. To find the total of wire lengths in SOLIDWORKS Electrical, please follow the instructions below:

  • Open up the application, then go to Tools and select Reports to open up the Report manager
  • Click “Add” in the top left corner and search or look for the Description “List of wires by line style” > Check mark it > Click OK. This report should be added to your list in the Report manager.
  • Click on the report “List of wires by line style” and select Properties. From here, you will look for the Length after selecting the Columns tab. Please note that if you cannot find it, simply select the Column Management button with the gear icon and checkmark the Length as seen in the image below:

Select Length in column configurations in SOLIDWORKS electrical

  • Click OK, then look for the new column for the Length and select the Content section to open the Column properties as seen below:

Length column in SOLIDWORKS electrical


  • At the very bottom of the Column properties, check “Can sum the content of merged cells, then sum the rows” > Select OK and Apply. See image below for reference:

sum of merged cells

Please note that the preview in the Report manager on the right will not show this change, but once you select Generate drawings it will be apparent. The results can be seen below, where the tables separate each wire by line style, with the last row representing the total length of each respective wire:

generate drawings in preview in the Report manager

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