Masterclass Part 5: SOLIDWORKS Fabrication

Video by John Landis updated January 31, 2024

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About the Video

You have the best ideas in the world but how can we make them real? In this continuation of our Masterclass series, we’ll cover SOLIDWORKS fabrication and how the manufacture of your designs can take different forms during product development.

It is crucial to consider the nuances of manufacturing so you can incorporate the appropriate design intent into the process.

During this SOLIDWORKS Fabrication Masterclass you will learn:

Watch as TriMech Elite Solutions Consultant, John Landis, explores taking a simple idea from concept to prototype to production, through the lens of fabrication. We will be thinking about Design For Fabrication and how leveraging SOLIDWORKS tools & techniques helps inform our decisions and create better designs.

  • Design for Fabrication approach and mind-set
  • Predicting rapid prototype appearance
  • Simulating product performance
  • Optimizing the design
  • Planning for mass production

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John Landis

John Landis started with TriMech in 2006, bringing nearly 20 years of real-world engineering, design and manufacturing exposure. He has experience with chemical processing equipment, industrial kilns and design for close tolerance high precision machining. In addition to his expertise in SOLIDWORKS, he also is a 3D Printing Field Engineer.