Renumérotation des repères électriques SOLIDWORKS : Marques manuelles non recalculées

Article by Jesse Deane updated April 26, 2024


The SOLIDWORKS Electrical Mark Renumbering function found under our Process tab within SOLIDWORKS Electrical can be a very powerful tool, but what happens when it doesn’t work quite as expected when dealing with manual marks? Let’s take a closer look at “Renumber Marks,” and a situation that you may encounter with it.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Process Tab

Renumber Marks in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Process Tab

Renumber Marks: How to Choose the Right Elements for Your Project

By going to Process > Renumber marks, we are given a few options for what type of renumbering we would like to perform. First, we can choose if we want the renumbering to take place throughout the whole project, or just the current book. Next, we can decide between updating the marks, or recalculating the order numbers. The difference between these options is that while updating the marks renumbers elements after modification of the mark formula, the order number and manual marks are maintained.

Choosing to recalculate order numbers, on the other hand, renumbers the elements with a recalculated order number relative to their position in the drawings, and recalculates manual marks if we select the “Recalculate manual marks” option. Lastly, we choose what elements we would like to be included in the process. We can choose to include or exclude locations, functions, components, terminal strips, terminals, cables, and harnesses.

Electrical schematic

Electrical schematic

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Mark Renumbering Component Properties

As previously mentioned, typically, if the “Recalculate manual marks” option is checked, any manual marks will be recalculated and converted to automatic marks. A situation came up recently on support where this was not the case. The user had switched a mark to a manual mark, and found that selecting this option and renumbering did not chance the mark at all, or switch it back to automatic. In this case, this is because the manual mark determined by the user is exactly the same as the automatic mark that would have been generated.

Notice that in this example, the formula:


Is being used for the component mark. The manual mark is M521. M521 is the component root, which is concatenated with the page number, 1 (*100), and the row number, 21.

Manual Mark M521

While it is natural to assume that changing the mark back to automatic would be one of the first steps of the renumbering process with the settings that we have chosen, it seems the software first looks to see if the mark is correct. In this case, the mark was exactly what it would have been had it been switched to an automatic mark with the existing formula. As a result, the mark remains the same, and is still switched to the manual setting. While this doesn’t help with ensuring that all marks are automatic, it does help with ensuring that all marks are correct.

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