Les designers frustrés en 2010

Article by Eric van Essen updated December 14, 2010


2010 has been an interesting year in many ways.  We have had the privilege of helping organizations of all sizes and have helped individuals at all levels of these organizations achieve a variety of different goals.   One thing that has really stood out as a recurring theme is the fact that designers are frustrated.  This has been made most evident when looking at the most popular download for existing SolidWorks users in 2010.

And the winner is…  “12 Frustrations of using SolidWorks without Enterprise Data Management

You can speculate why this has been the most popular download.  I have heard designers comment that ‘*@%*!’ is what they were thinking as their assemblies are taking too long to load.  I have also heard that any article that has *@%*! in the title is likely an honest and straight forward view of what the word on the street is.  Regardless of the speculation, the designers have spoken and the simple truth is that they are frustrated.  They know that there is a better way to work and they are looking for information on ways to help alleviate their ongoing pains.

I have been working with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM for 5 years now and I believe 2010 has also brought us a clear shift with individual’s attitudes towards file management.  In the past companies were able to stay competitive by implementing 3D parametric design and a file management system was considered overhead.  With today’s competitive environment, designers are being pushed even harder to meet shrinking deadlines and having a tool like SolidWorks is not enough.  At the same time, Enterprise PDM has evolved into a system that focuses on ease of use and administrative automation to save time.  As a result, attitudes towards file management has shifted from being something pushed from upper management to being asked for by designers who are looking at getting undesired tasks off their plates.

I would recommend downloading this popular guide to solving the 12 common frustrations designers experience with 3D CAD file administration

Eric van Essen

Je travaille chez Javelin depuis 10 ans et j'occupe maintenant le poste de directeur des produits, où je supervise la mise en place de nouvelles solutions pour nos clients ou clients potentiels.