4 Conseils pour l'utilisation de l'éditeur de signets sur la plateforme 3DEXPERIENCE

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated December 28, 2022


On the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, the Bookmark Editor app allows you to view and manage your cloud-hosted data. In Bookmark Editor, you can build out a set structure based on products, departments, projects, or however else you might organize your files. Keep reading to learn four tips for using the Bookmark Editor in 3DEXPERIENCE!

  1. Customize your Bookmark Editor Columns

The columns across the top of the Bookmark Editor widget can provide lots of information about each file, and can be used for sorting and filtering. One of the first things you may want to do when getting started in Bookmark Editor is customize your columns. Columns can be reordered by dragging and dropping, and you can decide which columns are visible. To hide and show columns, right-click on any column header and select Tree List View Options:

list of options in dropdown list

From here, you can select which Columns are displayed:

ENOVIA - Bookmark Editor in 3DEXPERIENCE

Additional columns can be added by clicking the settings gear in the upper right for “More Attributes”, and then clicking “Select Attributes”. Two additional Attributes that I have visible are “Revision Comment” and “CAD Master”. “CAD Master” uses an icon to distinguish whether a file originated from SOLIDWORKS desktop, or a 3DEXPERIENCE cloud-based modeling tool.

Bookmark Editor - adding additional attributes

  1. Enable Expansion of Products

columns filled with expandable text and circled options

Navigating through subassemblies and sub-components is much easier when you can expand your files. In the upper right corner of your Bookmark Editor Widget, click the drop-down, and go to Preferences.

open file folder with text

Check the box for “Enable expansion of products”. You will now see a plus sign next to your files which can be expanded to view sub-components.

Edit Preferences - enable expansion of products selected

  1. Remove vs. Delete File

remove vs delete in Bookmark Editor

When a file is selected in Bookmark Editor, there are commands across the top of the widget that can be executed. The Remove and Delete commands are right next to each other, and though they may sound similar, they produce very different results:

Remove – Removes the file from the current Bookmark. The file is still stored in the Collaborative Space it was saved to, and may still be accessible in other Bookmarks.

Delete – Permanently deletes the file off your Platform.

  1. Active Mode: Index vs. Authoring

text with white background and cylinder clip art surrounded by red box

red square around clip art

While working in Bookmark Editor, you can switch between Index and Authoring mode. Index mode is on by default, and shows you the latest content that is available from the database. Sometimes, when saving changes or uploading new files, updating the index (“indexing”) can take a few minutes, causing a slight delay in what you see in Bookmark Editor. To see the latest modifications, you can switch to Authoring mode. In Authoring mode, you can see what is still being indexed. After switching to Authoring mode, the window will automatically switch back to Index mode in three minutes unless otherwise specified in the Preferences.

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