5 outils SOLIDWORKS dont vous ne vous souvenez peut-être pas

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated December 30, 2022


SOLIDWORKS is such an advanced CAD software, that it can be easy to overlook some valuable tools that could help you increase efficiency in your work environment. It is a good practice to use shortcuts and hotkeys whenever possible to get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS. Here are 5 SOLIDWORKS tools that aid you in your projects.

Barre de recherche

This feature allows you to activate and locate commands without the need for manually looking for the tool in the software. This is found in the upper right corner or in your “s” hotkey, which we’ll discuss later. Pressing the eye next to a command you search for gives you a short animation of where you can find the tool in your software. Clicking on the command itself when it pops up automatically launches it for easy use. You can also easily drag and drop features into your toolbar for quick customization. Next time you’re using SOLIDWORKS, try searching for different commands and try out the search bar to see how it can be useful in your workplace.

5 SOLIDWORKS tools: open search bar in solidworks

S Hotkey

The S shortcut in which you can access quick commands and search for tools not readily available. Depending on which type of mode you’re in, whether it’s parts or drawings or other, the customized hotkey bar that pops up will contain popular features within that mode. The hotkey, along with many other keyboard shortcuts, offer a more efficient way to launch common commands.

5 SOLIDWORKS tools: open files in row with text


Sensors are used in parts and assemblies to notify you when a piece of your project is outside the entry given. Sensor types include mass, dimensions, interference, and simulation data. You will get a notification and your sensor section in the design tree will change color if the alert assigned is triggered. Sensors eliminate the need for manually checking your work after completion and provides an easy way to see what is wrong with the part or assembly.

5 SOLIDWORKS tools: open list on solidworks


Adding notes to your project is an easy way to make sure the work you’re doing is correct and follows specifications. Notes are customizable in the sense that you can change the location and the text within it. New in 2023, the color of the notes can be changed as you see fit, and you can add screenshots or upload an image from your file explorer. Also new, there is an option to choose if the note appears when first opening a part or assembly, which is an easy way to add a sense of importance to your project for you and others working on it.

notes in solidworks

Gestes de la souris

Mouse gestures are a quick way to launch commonly used commands with one simple motion. Clicking your right mouse button and dragging to a specified location on the “wheel” that pops up automatically starts the command you chose. This feature works in parts, assemblies, and drawings. It’s easily customizable in your settings, and you can choose how many and which commands you want on your wheel. The efficiency of this features can make anyone a professional in SOLIDWORKS with the ease of use.

mouse gestures for mouse in solidworks

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