Utilisation de xFrame pour créer des projets de membres de la structure

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated January 20, 2023


We are going to take a quick look at the options available in xFrame for structural members.

Path segment member

If you are familiar with structural members in desktop SOLIDWORKS, then you are probably familiar with the Path Segment Member. In xFrame you only have to select your sketch lines, set your profile from the drop-down menus and set your pierce point to locate the profile, see figure 1.

Path segment member

Figure 1 – Orienting a profile on a sketch line.

reference plane member

Using reference planes offers a little more freedom and speed in creating equal length members. The planes define the axis of the member along with the start and end conditions for the members, see figure 2. If some of the members end up using the wrong pierce point, you can just double click the member and adjust it before moving on, see figure 3.


face plane intersection member

The Face Plane Intersection Member is like the Reference Plane Member in that it uses the intersection of two planar surfaces to define the axis for the member.

point based member

Point based members will define their axis from the starting point selected up to another component. One option is to set a direction with an edge and define the member length, see figure 4.

The second option would be to use a second point. Finally, a plane can be used with the point to define the member axis and length, see figure 5. Normally, using a plane the member will be perpendicular to the plane, but an edge can also be selected to define the direction of the member axis.

between members

The Between Members command allows for the axis of a member to be defined using distances along the associated members, see figure 6, or with a plane, see figure 7.

Trimming Members

By selecting all the members and then selecting the Trim Member feature, you can navigate through each corner and define how you want members at that corner to be trimmed, see figure 8.  Corners are separated into groups based on how many members they have. For corners with more than three members, trim groups can be used to define the order of trim operations, see figure 9.

Gussets, Plates and End Caps

To finish off your project gussets, plates, and end caps can be added with their own respective features.

applying gussets and plates to finish the project

Figure 10 – Applying gussets and plates to finish the project

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