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Article by Sawyer Gara updated June 7, 2023


3DSwym is a powerful tool included with every user’s access to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. 3DSwym provides the tools necessary to share, discuss, and innovate through communities and conversations. It can help to facilitate discussions and improvements in a singular, connected environment through many different types of content being shared. In this article we will focus on the different types of 3DSwym posts that are available.

3DSwym Posts

Posts are your most basic type of content to share on a SWYM Community. These are generally just text posts and can be spruced up using the Rich Text Editor to modify formatting to get your content across effectively. Additionally, the posts can be categorized using the 6WTags and media can be pasted in.

Postes 3DSwym


Although media can be embedded in almost any other type of content, the 3D/Photo/Video type allows the media to be the focus. There are a ton of great options for uploading content directly to the SWYM community. If you don’t have the media already created, then don’t worry! Within this content type things like slides, tables, and sketches can be dynamically created to help reinforce what you are sharing with the team. This is a great option for using images rather than words to get an idea across.

media in 3DSwym


One of the most important aspects of working in a collaborative team is being able to ask questions and share answers. The last thing we want is answers to be kept private. The Question content type allows members to ask questions to the group and have the group collaborate on the answers. Any member is allowed to ask and answer questions but only the author of the question or an administrator is able to validate the answer as correct.


Ideas within a community act as a starting point for new designs or for any form of innovation. These are similar to posts but go beyond by allowing users to assess the idea and can go through a full idea pipeline for different maturity stages. The idea pipeline can be customized for your current processes. For more information on ideas, check out this blog post that does a deep dive on ideas!

ideas pipeline


Surveys can be created withing a SWYM Community that can be answered by any member of the community. Within surveys a couple of different types of answers can be received: Single or Multiple choice, Open Answer, and even Rating Scale. Results can be compiled into a pie graph or exported to a CSV file to be imported to downstream systems.

surveys in 3dexperience

Wiki Pages

Wiki Pages are just what the name implies: Wikis for information. These can be used in a multitude of ways including keeping references to key information about the company, storing quick links to important documents, or even keeping a library of industry terminology. Wiki Pages can be customized with the Rich Text Editor and can have embedded media to really display key information. The Wikis can be nested within each other to provide a hierarchical table of contents to fully organize information. With everything set, Wiki Pages can be locked to prevent unwanted changes.


WeDos provide a place to assign simple task to community members or internal to conversations. These can be additional created using the Project Planning widget to take the functionality further. A WeDo can be created with an optional title and description to provide further context. A WeDo can be assigned to up to 10 different members that are provided with associated media and end dates. WeDos are particularly interested because they have their own access rights depending on a user’s assigned credentials to the SWYM Community. For example, everyone in the community can read a WeDo but only Authors and Owners are able to create new ones.

video project

The 3DSwym app has a ton of great features that help create a connected community and collaborative ecosystem for all aspects of your company. From communication of simple posts to tracking tasks and ideas, 3DSwym has it all. Interested in learning more? Contact us to be connected to a 3DEXPERIENCE Product Specialist.

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