Tableau de révision piloté par 3DEXPERIENCE

Article by Brent Rodgers updated July 10, 2023


Reducing monotonous tasks, such as data entry throughout the engineering design process, is a great way to boost a team’s efficiency. Simultaneously, this limits the potential for inconsistency and errors along the way. It’s now possible for your SOLIDWORKS revision tables to be driven by 3DEXPERIENCE through the new 2023x FD01 release.

The result of enabling this link through SOLIDWORKS document properties, is a drawing revision table that automatically updates in accordance with revision increments created through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This includes data captured in 3DEXPERIENCE, such as the revision level, associated revision comments, creation date, modification date, revised by and more.

Revision Table Setup

Being that this is a document level setting, implementing this option through a drawing template may prove most beneficial. Additionally, during creation of the drawing template, consider including the 3DEXPERIENCE revision table within the drawing, to leverage a higher workflow efficiency. Lastly, the default 3DEXPERIENCE Revision Table [Figure 1], may include/exclude columns and information that are/aren’t important to your organization. If that’s the case, simply modify the table by adding or removing columns and create a new revision table template with a right click, “save as…”[Figure 2].

default 3DEXPERIENCE Revision Table

Figure 1 – Default Revision Table


create a new revision table template

Figure 2 – New Revision Table Template

How the 3DEXPERIENCE Driven Revision Table Works

With implementation of this valuable functionality, it’s important to understand and be mindful of how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform handles revisions and revision comments. The key factor is that all items (parts, assemblies and drawings) are stored on the platform as individual objects. Each of these objects carry their own revisions and revision comments. The data that will be reflected in the 3DEXPERIENCE Driven Revision Table, is that of the drawing object.

Drawing Revision Comment

Figure 3: Drawing Revision Comment

Modifying Revision Comments

If or when the need arises to alter a revision comment, there are a couple of options.

  1. Within SOLIDWORKS, simply activiate the properties window of any active document listed under “MySession”, from the 3DEXPERIENCE task pane tab. The properties window is accessible from the “View” tab of the action bar or in the right click menu of any item in “MySession”.
  1. To modify multiple or previous revisions without opening the object in SOLIDWORKS, the Collaborative Lifcycle app offers great utility. As seen in Figure 4 below, all revisions of the drawing object are listed. Regardles of the Locked status, any object revision under the “In Work” maturity state, will allow for the revision comment to be altered. Alteration is performed via the “edit” button, contained within the information pane, accessible from the “Lifecycle” tab of the action bar or in the right click menu of any item. Remember to hit that“Save” button, after completing any modifications!
all revisions of the drawing object are listed

Figure 4: Properties

All revisions of the drawing object are listed

Figure 5: All revisions of the drawing object are listed

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