Meilleures ressources pour devenir un professionnel de SOLIDWORKS

Article by Alaa Hosn updated December 14, 2023


There is a wide variety of resources available to help you become a SOLIDWORKS pro. These resources and products include the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, PDM, Simulation, CAM, Electrical, Visualize, Inspection, Composer, and more. Whether you are ramping up for a certification or looking for help to complete a project at hand, the resources listed below should be able to provide everything you to become a SOLIDWORKS Pro!

1. SOLIDWORKS Tutorials:

The tutorials accessed directly within the SOLIDWORKS interface are a great place to start for any topics that may be new to users. There is a large selection of SOLIDWORKS tutorials available, from basic sketches and features to advanced simulations. The step-by-step tutorials allow users to click the commands through the Tutorials window to show users where a command is saving users time from having to track it down on their own. To access tutorials, go to the question mark tab in the top right corner of the SOLIDWORKS interface and select Tutorials (if using 2020 SP2 or earlier, Tutorials will be listed under the Help tab).

2. YouTube Tutorials:

YouTube has many videos to guide users on just about any SOLIDWORKS product. While YouTube is a great resource for finding tips and tricks, there can be a lot of videos that show an older version of SOLIDWORKS or are not very clear, so users may need to filter through content before finding what they need. Being able to access YouTube at any time or place makes this option appealing to all users. Check out the TriMech YouTube page for additional content:

3. SOLIDWORKS Help page:

The official SOLIDWORKS Help page provides detailed documentation on features, functionalities, add-ins, What’s New content, troubleshooting, and release notes. From within the SW interface, users can go to the question mark tab in the top right corner and select Help to access the help page (if using 2020 SP2 or earlier, help page access will be listed under the Help tab).



4. SolidWorks User Forums and Communities:

Participating in forums on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows users to ask questions to a worldwide SOLIDWORKS community. Users can share their experiences and learn from others. The combined knowledge of the SOLIDWORKS community can be a great way to learn new tricks and techniques.

Going to live events like user groups is another way to learn from other SOLIDWORKS enthusiasts in your area, as well as to network. These groups often organize to include speakers who share valuable insight and real-world tips on a wide range of topics.

Speaking of live events, try attending 3DEXPERIENCE World! This is the largest gathering of SOLIDWORKS enthusiasts where the latest information and technology is shared with the world.

5. Tools Included in Your SOLIDWORKS Subscription:

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service at TriMech allows standard access to learning resources on MySolidWorks ( and as of July 2023, any new seat of SOLIDWORKS with a subscription includes SolidProfessor (

  • MySolidWorks provides lessons that include videos and quizzes, self-paced eCourses, and modules for hundreds of lessons created by SOLIDWORKS experts.
  • SolidProfessor provides similar content for SOLIDWORKS and other CAD software as well. Don’t forget to check out the webinars and blogs shared regularly by TriMech!

6. TriMech Training Courses to help you be a SOLIDWORKS Pro:

Nothing makes users more of a pro than a TriMech training course! TriMech has intro courses like SOLIDWORKS Essentials all the way to advanced classes for Simulation. TriMech has knowledgeable instructors to teach classes covering all topics like the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, PDM, Simulation, CAM, Electrical, Visualize, Inspection, Composer, sheet metal, surfacing, and advanced assembly modeling. Courses include a textbook with examples and exercises that the instructor will cover. Visit our website for a full list of training courses offered by TriMech.



The wide range of learning resources available for SOLIDWORKS caters to users with varying preferences and learning styles. Whether users prefer tutorials, online courses, community engagement, training courses, or a combination of these resources, the key is consistency and hands-on practice. By exploring these valuable resources, users can become a SOLIDWORKS pro in no time! Not every user is the same, so don’t hesitate to explore different learning resources to find what works best for you.

Alaa Hosn

Alaa est un consultant en solutions qui fait partie de l'équipe TriMech depuis 2018. Il a commencé dans le support et a construit une base solide sur la façon de diagnostiquer et de dépanner SOLIDWORKS et les problèmes électriques couvrant toutes les gammes de sujets, des installations aux problèmes de performance. Alaa est basé à Richmond, VA et possède un diplôme en génie mécanique de Virginia Tech. Il a obtenu son CSWE parmi d'autres certifications SOLIDWORKS et continue d'en obtenir d'autres !