How to Delete Simulation Results on the 3DEXPRIENCE Platform

Article by Suman Sudhakaran updated February 5, 2024


Performing engineering simulations helps reduce the number of physical prototypes and overall product development costs. Over a period, the simulation result data needs to be organized for archiving as result data can be large depending upon the type of simulations performed. Therefore, delete simulation results is a common task that product designers and simulation engineers perform to organize their data storage space.

When it comes to running simulations on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, either using the local machine’s resources or cloud computing, there are few options available to the users for deleting the simulation data.

Delete Simulation Results using the Simulation Manager

The simulation manager app can be used to delete the simulation results including the physics simulation object. The Simulation Manager widget can be added to the dashboard and it will list all the physics simulation objects available in the user-specified collaborative space. Right-clicking on the simulation object brings up the menu that allows users to delete both the simulation object and its results.

Delete simulation data

Delete simulation data

The benefit of using Simulation Manager for deleting the simulation results is that both the simulation object and associated results are deleted. This will not result in the simulation result file getting orphaned.

Delete Simulation Results using Native App

Native apps such as Structural Scenario Creation can be used to delete Simulation results. Two options exist in this case. First, you can launch the native app and search for Simulation files using the search tab. In the search results, you can right-click on a physics simulation object and select ‘Delete’ as shown in the image below.

Deleting Simulation Results using Native App

Deleting Simulation Results using Native App

The second option is to open a specific physics simulation file within the native app and use the Result Storage option to delete the simulation results.

Result Storage option to delete the simulation results

Result Storage option to delete the simulation results

When deleting the Simulation results via Native apps, only the results are deleted, the physics simulation object, i.e. the study setup itself is not deleted. Users can also right-click on the result data in the history tree to delete the simulation results for a specific simulation object.

History tree

History tree

If you select the option to generate 3DEXPERIENCE content when running the simulation, it generates lightweight result data which could be used with apps like 3DPlay for visualization purposes. The experience content can still be available for viewing lightweight result data.

Once you remove the results data from the simulation object, you can no longer access the data nor reassociate it with the simulation object. The simulation object retains all modeling and results specifications so that result data can be regenerated at the next re-run of the simulation.

NOTE: that simulation objects should not be deleted from web search results in the web apps of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as it risks the orphaning of associated files. While the Collaborative lifecycle app can be used to delete the simulation objects and all associated files, it is not a recommended workflow to use this approach if the simulation results were generated on the cloud, i.e. if the analysis was run on the cloud.

You can reduce the file size by deleting the simulation results without compromising preprocessing or postprocessing specifications. Hope this blog clarified some of your concerns regarding the deletion of simulation data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to keep your workspace better organized.

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