A Complete Guide to SOLIDWORKS Weldments

Article by Danny Velicu updated May 24, 2024


In SOLIDWORKS Weldments refer to a set of tools and features that enable users to design and model structures composed of structural members such as beams, tubes, and plates, commonly found in welded metal frames, supports, and frameworks. Weldments streamline the process of creating these structures by providing specialized tools tailored to this type of design.

SOLIDWORKS Weldments Overview

Here’s an overview of how SOLIDWORKS Weldments:

1. Structural Member Selection: Users can select from a library of standard structural shapes such as beams, tubes, and channels, or define custom profiles if necessary. These profiles represent the cross-sectional shape of the structural members.

2. Sketching: A sketch is created to define the path or layout of the structural members. This sketch can include lines, arcs, and other geometry to specify the arrangement of the members.

3. Structural Member Feature: Using the Weldments tab, users can apply the Structural Member feature to the sketch. This feature allows them to select the desired profile and specify the placement along the sketch entities. SolidWorks automatically adds the selected profiles along the sketch, creating the structural members.

Weldment Features

4. Trimming and Extending: After creating the structural members, users can trim or extend them as needed to fit the design requirements. This involves cutting or extending the members to intersect with other members or surfaces properly.

5. Corner Management: Weldments include tools for managing corners where structural members intersect. Users can specify different types of corner treatments, such as miter, butt, or open trims, to ensure proper fit and alignment at intersections.

6. Properties and Cut Lists: SOLIDWORKS automatically calculates the mass properties of the weldment, including mass, volume, and center of mass. Additionally, it generates a cut list that provides information about each structural member, including length, size, quantity, and material.

Propriétés de la liste de coupe

7. Detailing and Documentation: Users can create 2D drawings of the weldment, including detailed views of individual members, dimensions, and annotations. SolidWorks facilitates the creation of accurate manufacturing drawings to guide the fabrication process.


Overall, SOLIDWORKS weldments offer a powerful set of tools for designing and modeling structural frameworks efficiently. They streamline the process of creating welded metal structures, providing features for profile selection, sketching, trimming, corner management, and documentation, ultimately helping users bring their designs from concept to fabrication with ease.

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