Your first year with SOLIDWORKS

Part 2: Being more efficient & automating your workflow


For the second half of the year we have laid out the information you need to help you become more efficient and automate your SOLIDWORKS workflow with popular add-ins and customization...

Amy Young

Amy Young, Customer Success Manager

Week 28

SOLIDWORKS Configurations & Equations

At week 28 you can utilize more advanced SOLIDWORKS part and assembly modeling techniques by using Configurations, Global Variables, and Equations:


Configure your models

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Configurations for creating different versions of parts and assemblies

Global Variables

Using Global Variables

Learn how to link dimensions to global variables and make your models more intelligent


Equation Techniques

Read our blog posts to learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Equations more effectively in your parts and assemblies

Week 34

Try Automating with DriveWorksXpress

During week 34 we recommend that you start learning how to automate your part creation with DriveWorksXpress, included with every version of SOLIDWORKS:

Enable Xpress Products

Activate DriveWorksXpress

Start by activating DriveWorksXpress in SOLIDWORKS, you will need to log into MySolidWorks to obtain the code

How to use DriveWorksXpress

Learn DriveWorksXpress

Watch the DriveWorksXpress demo videos and access the free training course in MySolidWorks

Automation and CPQ

Go beyond DriveWorksXpress

Learn more about the DriveWorks Configure Price Quote automation products available for SOLIDWORKS

Week 40

Start using Simulation Xpress Tools

At week 40 you can try validating your parts with SimulationXpress and FloXpress analysis add-in products included with all versions of SOLIDWORKS:

Get Started

Activate Xpress Tools

Learn how to enable Xpress products in SOLIDWORKS, you will need to log into MySolidWorks to obtain the code[s]

Learn to validate

Learn how to use Xpress

Learn how to use the SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress FEA and FloXpress CFD analysis tools

Expand your sysem

Go beyond Xpress

Learn how to go beyond the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Xpress tools and unleash your designs

Week 46

Advanced Assembly & BOM Techniques

In week 46 we recommend that you try adopting more advanced assembly techniques and best practices to be more productive:

Large Assemblies

Large Assembly Techniques

Take a look at our blogs and videos to learn more about managing your large assemblies to increase performance

Bill Of Materials


Best practices to manage and utilize your Bill of Materials more effectively in SOLIDWORKS


Customize your system

Learn how to customize SOLIDWORKS tools and user interface to make you more efficient and optimize performance

Week 52

Use SOLIDWORKS Productivity Add-ins

To complete your first year with SOLIDWORKS we recommend that you learn more about the productivity add-ins to automate and collaborate:


Share with eDrawings

Learn more about the various techniques and options available for sharing content with eDrawings

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

Create Renderings

SOLIDWORKS Visualize allows you to create renderings for your parts and assemblies, learn how to use it


Manufacture your parts

Learn more about the fully integrated automatic feature recognition and tool path generation with SOLIDWORKS CAM