Your first year with SOLIDWORKS

Part 1: Installation and learning resources


Outlined below are the steps to get you started and a basic plan for your first year using SOLIDWORKS. We are here to answer your questions and to make sure you get the most out of your software...

Amy Young

Amy Young, Customer Success Manager

Week 1

Get Started with SOLIDWORKS software

In your first week with SOLIDWORKS we recommend that you make sure your machine meets the system requirements, then download, install, and activate your software:

Check System Requirements

Hardware Recommendations

Check to make sure your system meets our current recommended SOLIDWORKS hardware / computer specs

Download & Install

Register & Download

Read our blog posts to learn how to download and install SOLIDWORKS Standalone or Network software

Start your work


Use your serial number (received by email) to activate your SOLIDWORKS software

Week 2 & 3

Learn how to use SOLIDWORKS software

During the next two weeks we recommend that you take the time to learn more about SOLIDWORKS software with the free and paid services available to you from Javelin:

Learn the Basics

Self-Paced Tutorials

SOLIDWORKS includes self-paced Tutorials, inside SOLIDWORKS go to Help Menu/Button > Tutorials

Gain more knowledge

MySolidWorks Learning

A learning portal for SOLIDWORKS Users is available with 100s of lessons and reference resources

Purchase a Training Course

Live Online Training

Choose from the 35+ Online Live SOLIDWORKS Training Courses delivered by Javelin's team of certified experts

Week 4

Implement System Best Practices

In week 4 we recommend that you set up your SOLIDWORKS system templates, and custom properties to optimize your process and make use of meta data


Work with Templates

View our blog posts on setting up and defining templates for SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings

Add Meta Data

Adopt Custom Properties

Learn how to use Custom Properties in your documents to automatically populate drawing sheets

Backup & Recovery

Protect your data

Learn how to access and set up the SOLIDWORKS backup and recovery options

Week 12

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox and Hole Wizard

In week 12 we recommend that you make use of the Toolbox hardware library (included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium) plus the Hole Wizard:

Hardware Libary

Using SOLIDWORKS Toolbox

Watch the video to learn the smart way to use SOLIDWORKS Toolbox and the hole wizard for adding hardware

Hole Wizard

Favorite Holes

If you often use a particular hole size, instead of re-entering the parameters each time save it as a favourite

Hole Wizard

2D or 3D Sketch

Learn about Hole Wizard sketch types and best practices for adding holes to your models

Week 24

Set up Data and Revision Management

In week 24 we recommend that you set up your SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard system for data management and revision [included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium licenses]:

Getting Started with PDM

View the Guide

Use our guide to better understand PDM, how it can be used, how to install, and configure SOLIDWORKS Standard PDM

PDM Implementation Service

Javelin PDM Services

Ensure your SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard system is installed correctly and optimized for your business.

PDM Training Courses

Learn from the experts

Get SOLIDWORKS PDM user and administration training from certified Javelin experts