How to use the Simulation Xpress tools included in every version of SOLIDWORKS

Article by Rod Mackay updated August 6, 2016


In this on-demand webinar, we will demonstrate the simulation Xpress tools included with every version of SOLIDWORKS; SimulationXpress and FloXpress. These entry level simulation tools let you do simple, quick, first-pass structural analysis and fluid analysis in parts. Learn how to activate and properly use your Xpress tools.

Using the Xpress tools you can answer important design questions like:

  • How much will my part deform/flex under load?
  • What is the maximum load my part can handle?
  • How fast will liquid flow through my part?
  • How does the fluid flow inside my part?
Watch the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Xpress tools video below:

Want to learn more about Simulation?

Watch the next webinar in our Xpress series to learn how to go beyond the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Xpress tools and the benefits that the full versions of SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Flow Simulation can provide for your business.

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