SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Getting Started Guide – Everything you need to know!

Article by Rod Mackay updated November 30, 2015


SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is a new data management solution for smaller workgroup environments in a single location.  Included in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium packages, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard allows you to manage your SOLIDWORKS data more effectively on local and shared network drives.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Getting Started Guide

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Getting Started Guide

To help you better understand the application, how it can be used, how to install, and configure it, created a series of technical articles to give you the essential PDM Standard information:

Article TypeArticle Title
OverviewWhat is SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard?
Installation & SetupSOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Server Installation
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Client Installation
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Server & Client Administration Setup
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Client Setup
Migrating files to SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard
UsageSOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Administration
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Client
SupplementalWhat makes a good SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin person?
Why is SOLIDWORKS 2016 PDM Standard not available to install?
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional Comparison

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