Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS Network

How to download and install SOLIDWORKS network software


To get started you will need to download and install SOLIDWORKS on your server and clients.

Learn how in the following blog posts...

Amy Young

Amy Young

Customer Success Manager

STEP 1: Check System Requirements

Hardware Recommendations

Check to make sure your system meets our current recommended SOLIDWORKS hardware / computer specs

STEP 2: Download & Install

Install Server and Clients

For SOLIDWORKS Network licenses you will need to download SOLIDWORKS software and then install on your server and client machines

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Moving The SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License (SNL) Manager

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SNL Step 2

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Installation Manager

Installing and Setting Up the SOLIDWORKS PDM License Manager

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional versions use a License Manager to control access to their respective licenses. With SOLIDWORKS PDM...
Amy Young

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