The Last Step to Update the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Server

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated May 30, 2019


When updating SOLIDWORKS that has been installed using a floating, network license the latest version, many users will forget the very last step, re-activating the SolidNetWork License Manager Server.

SOLIDWORKS Error Message

SOLIDWORKS Error Message

This needs to be done  so that the SolidNetWork License Manager Server can communicate with the SolidWorks Activation Center and be allowed to provide the new, updated licenses to the SolidWorks users who are connected using the network licensing system.

If the step is missed, for instance when updating to SOLIDWORKS 2019, any client computers still using the older version of SOLIDWORKS would still be able to get their licenses and open the program, but as soon as a user tried to open SOLIDWORKS 2019 they would receive the message “Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS”.

That’s because the SNL License manager just wouldn’t have a license of SOLIDWORKS 2019 to give out yet, it needs to be reactivated first.

To reactivate the SolidNetWork License Manager:

Step 1:  Open the “SolidNetWork License Manager Server” program on the computer acting as the license server, and on the “Server Administration” tab click the “Modify…” button.

Step 2:  On the “SolidNetWork License Product Activation” screen, select “Activate/Reactivate your product license(s)” and click “Next >“.

Step 3:  On the “SolidNetWork License Server Information” screen, leave the settings as they are currently, unless you are planning to make a change to the port numbers or start using an Options File.  If not, just click “Next >“.

Step 4:  On the “Activate/Deactivate Your SOLIDWORKS Product” screen, make sure to click “Select All” so that all licenses will be updated.  Then once all license highlight, click “Next >“.

Finished:  Once the activation has completed, click “Finish” to complete the process and close the SOLIDWORKS Product Activation window.


Once complete, all users will be able to access the latest SOLIDWORKS network licenses.

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Andrew Lidstone, CSWE

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