Why is my SOLIDWORKS Network License not being returned to the SNL Server?

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated May 2, 2018


If you are using a network license for any SOLIDWORKS product (e.g. SOLIDWORKS CADSOLIDWORKS VisualizeSOLIDWORKS Composer etc.), once you close the program [or sign out of SOLIDWORKS PDM], then the license that was in use on your system should immediately be returned to the SNL Server so that another user can access that license.

SOLIDWORKS Network License not returned to the Server likely indicates there is interference with the vendor daemon communication.

By default the SNL manager uses a dynamic vendor daemon port, so some security software or firewall may be causing the communication back to the license manager to fail.  To address this, you will need to change the vendor daemon to a static port number and add exceptions for that port number.

Making the following adjustments will ensure that licenses are being returned immediately and maximize the availability of your SOLIDWORKS Network product licenses.

How to resolve the vendor daemon communication issue

STEP 1:  On the new server, launch the SolidNetWork License Manager Server program and on the “Server Administration” tab, click “Modify…”  Within the “SOLIDWORKS Product Activation” window, select “Activate/Reactivate a software license” and click “Next”.

Activate/reactivate a software license

Activate/reactivate a software license

STEP 2:  Make sure that the option “A firewall is in use on this server” is checked and the “Vendor Daemon Port Number” is set to the default 25735, or if that port is in use by another software, select another open port and enter it into the text box.  If these settings are already in place, click “Cancel” and process to Step 4, otherwise click “Next”.

A firewall is in use on this server

A firewall is in use on this server

STEP 3:  On the final activation screen, click “Select All” to ensure all serial numbers are selected for the activation process.  Select “Automatically over the Internet” if the server has an internet connection.  If not, select the “Manually via e-mail” option and follow these steps to activate manually.  Click “Next>” to complete the activation.

Final activation screen

Final activation screen

STEP 4:  On the server, add TCP/IP port 25735 to the firewall exception list for inbound and outbound connections.  If you have any other security software or network appliances that might be blocking or checking traffic on this port, also add exceptions to those.

SOLIDWORKS Network License not returned to the Server

On the server, add TCP/IP port 25735 to the firewall exception list

Once these exceptions are in place, the licenses should return to the SolidNetWork License Manager license pool immediately once the programs are exited.

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