Objet 30 and Connex 500 rebranded as Stratasys

Article by Luis Doval updated January 22, 2013


stratasys + objet = for a 3d world

As most readers already know, Stratasys and Objet finalized their merger on December 12th of 2012. One of the visible results of the merger was a refresher of the corporate image. A redesigned Stratasys logo will be displayed on the extended product line: FDM and Polyjet 3D printers.

Stratasys Objet 30 Printer

Stratasys Objet 30 Printer

The 3D printers in our lab started the year with the new logo. Hopefully soon, a new Stratasys FDM machine will land besides our Stratasys Connex 500 and Stratasys Objet 30. These two complementary technologies will cover most of the needs and requirements of our customers.


Stratasys Connex 500 Printer

Stratasys Connex 500 Printer

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