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Automotive Tech Conference Today

The Javelin Automotive Virtual Tech Conference begins Today! 

Calling all designers and manufacturers of automotive parts, heavy equipment and transportation machinery across all industries attend our virtual tech conference today at 11:00AM ET!...

Microsoft SQL Licensing for SOLIDWORKS PDM FAQs

SOLIDWORKS PDM, SOLIDWORKS Manage and SOLIDWORKS Electrical software all rely on databases hosted by Microsoft SQL Server software to operate. The Microsoft SQL Server software...
Maximum opacity-BOM shown

How to hide and show a BOM in SOLIDWORKS Composer Animations

SOLIDWORKS Composer geometric actors or collaborative actors such as a BOM can be shown or hidden in an animation. If once the actor is hidden...

Why Javelin Authorized SOLIDWORKS Training is the best option

Where should you go for the best SOLIDWORKS training, a College, University, or an Authorized SOLIDWORKS Training Centre? So you realize that training is a...
SIMULIA Structural Mechanics Engineer

Push your SOLIDWORKS design envelope with SIMULIA Structural Mechanics Engineer

To have a competitive advantage, we see that more businesses are investing in solutions which can help achieve reduced time-to-market, be cost-effective, sustainable, and have...
Artec Space Spider 3D Scan

Transforming a high-detail Artec 3D Scan with SOLIDWORKS Mesh Decimation tool

When using SOLIDWORKS to create CAD models of complex, high-detail meshes, you need to start with a first-rate 3D scan of the model, such as...

SOLIDWORKS 2021 What's New Articles

SOLIDWORKS Mate PropertyManager

Mate Property Manager Interface Change in SOLIDWORKS 2021

The Standard, Advanced, and Mechanical mate categories found in the Mate Property Manager have now moved into tabs at the top of the Property Manager in SOLIDWORKS 2021! SOLIDWORKS 2021...

Redo Support for Part Features in SOLIDWORKS 2021

For anyone who has used the Redo ability in SOLIDWORKS prior to 2021 and loved it…one thing may have come to mind…UPGRADE, UPGRADE, UPGRADE! For everyone that loved the ability...
Color Selection

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Pick Colour for Appearances from External Source

SOLIDWORKS has long been known to have an intuitive and customizable user interface. However, by listening closely to the user base, SOLIDWORKS 2021 comes packed with enhancements that make it...

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