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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Watch a recording of our SOLIDWORKS 2019 Launch Broadcast for the latest enhancements

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Keeping track of External Relations in SOLIDWORKS 2019 is now easier than keeping track of your relatives?!

Keeping track of SOLIDWORKS External Relations in a model has been simplified in SOLIDWORKS 2019! It might be impossible to remember all the names of your cousins and what job...

SOLIDWORKS Crash Support Guides

SOLIDWORKS crashing a lot?  We feel your pain! Over the years, we have seen many things that cause SOLIDWORKS to crash repeatedly.  In an effort to get some useful tips...
SOLIDWORKS PDM revision number default workflow

Can I get a new revision number for a file in SOLIDWORKS PDM prior to making my changes?

A common question that we are asked during SOLIDWORKS PDM implementations is what the correct transitions in the workflow are to increment the revision number of CAD files; should the...
PDM Manage - Edit PDM Object

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2019 Update PDM Variables

In SOLIDWORKS Manage 2019, we can update PDM variables within Manage, giving us full control of our documents in one place. How to update SOLIDWORKS Manage PDM Variables Start Manage...
gauge selection

How to convert a SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Thickness to a Gauge Value

A common practice in industry when working with SOLIDWORKS sheet metal is to show thickness as gauge value. For example, 20 gauge equals 0.0359 in. SOLIDWORKS...
PDM Manage - Administration

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2019 Change PDM State Process

In SOLIDWORKS Manage 2019 we can initiate a PDM transition of a file via a process within Manage, giving us full control of our documents in one place. How to create...

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SOLIDWORKS Performance

Adjusting Virtual Memory (Windows Pagefile) for increased SOLIDWORKS Performance

A kin to the article that our teammate Josh Carrier wrote, back in 2010, I thought it high time we review the process of how to increase virtual memory on...
Certified SOLIDWORKS CSWA Associate Badge

How to pass the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) Exam with help from MySolidWorks & Subscription Service

Did you know that if you are a SOLIDWORKS customer who has an active Subscription Service contract, you have access to MySolidWorks Standard, which includes preparation materials designed to help you become a Certified...
SolidWorks drawing template & Sheet Format

SOLIDWORKS Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Templates and Sheet Formats [VIDEO]

Many people get confused when it comes to creating custom Drawing Templates and Sheet Formats in SOLIDWORKS.  It's not as straight forward as Part and Assembly templates due to the...