3D Scanning

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering with Artec 3D Scanners

How to Reverse Engineer / 3D Scan a Model into SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Reverse Engineering Tutorial

Recently we have been receiving questions about how to 3D scan parts into SOLIDWORKS… “How do I convert a physical part into SOLIDWORKS?” or “we’ve lost the model file but I’ve got a physical part, how can I get it into SOLIDWORKS?” So we have created a video tutorial to demonstrate the process of reverse…


Reverse Engineering using an Artec 3D Scanner with SOLIDWORKS

Artec Space Spider 3D Scanning

Do you need to tweak a critical component but have no CAD data or drawings? Has one of your machine parts been discontinued? Discover the power of reverse engineering using an Artec 3D Scanner and SOLIDWORKS! Portable handheld scanners can be used anywhere to capture the specific data you need. The latest 3D scanning equipment…


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