Customer of the Month: iSkin

Article by Katey Gatta updated March 14, 2013

iSkin slims

iSkin slims for iPhone 5, image courtesy of iSkin.

Everybody knows at least 1 clumsy person. In my family, that person is me. If there are stairs, I’m falling up (or down) them. If there’s something on the floor, I’m tripping over it. If I have an expensive piece of electronic equipment (like my phone or iPod) in my hand, there is a 90% chance it will be dropped. Ok I lied. 100% chance it will be dropped. Now, while I can live with bruises due to consistently bumping into inanimate objects, living without my iPod is NOT an option. That 60 GB is the reason I don’t have more speeding tickets, am able to go to the gym without dying of boredom and can tune out my sister’s bad taste in music. That’s why I’m thankful Javelin supplies iSkin, the leader in mobile-device protection with its design software: SolidWorks.

About iSkin

iSkin is a pioneer in mobile & music device protection. Formed in 2002 with a mere 6 employees, iSkin has experienced rapid growth in their past 10 years of business. With 100+ employees, iSkin is heavily focused on design & technical innovation as a category leader in protective technology solutions. Credited as being the first company to utilize form fitting silicone to create a unique protective solution for Apple’s game changing music player (the aforementioned iPod), what sets iSkin apart from its competitors is their integration of art, fashion, music & design when creating protective pieces. This combination of strength in design and aesthetic quality creates an authentic brand that speaks to multiple demographics, genres & cultures.

Why SolidWorks?

I had the chance to chat with Bianca Jerca, Mechanical Engineer for iSkin. Here’s what she had to say on her preference for SolidWorks 3D CAD.

Personally, I’ve been using SolidWorks since 2003. When I started working for iSkin in 2010, the type of 3D software to be purchased was based on my previous experience in SolidWorks. Now, SolidWorks is the only 3D software that iSkin uses to design cases for smart phones, tablets and notebooks. The 2D layouts are used for dimensional and finishing specs, while screen shots of critical areas (as well as exploded views of small assemblies) are used in PowerPoint presentations for better communication with vendors.

Bianca also noted that in-house design and 3D modeling have given iSkin serious advantages in their increasingly aggressive competitive environment. Some of these advantages include:

  • Increased Quality
  • High Speed & Flexibility in changing design and mechanical solutions
  • Shortened ‘Time to Market’
  • Building up Libraries of Successful Solutions

About the 3D Solutions

SolidWorks 3D CAD Software: award winning complete 3D product design solution, providing your design team with mechanical design, verification, motion simulation, data management and communication tools all in ONE package!

SolidWorks Professional Annual Subscription Service: support, upgrades, new versions, special releases, add-on features & webcasts ALL designed exclusively for SolidWorks subscription service members. Improve your performance and productivity while staying competitive in your field with Javelin’s subscription service.

Caught Your Eye?

Learn more about iSkin here:, on Facebook: and Twitter:

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